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Economic Hardships, Corruption Will Force The Citizenry To Eject ZANU PF In 2023

Economic Hardships, Corruption Will Force The Citizenry To Eject ZANU PF In 2023

The spokesperson of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), advocate Fadzayi Mahere, has said economic hardships and corruption will force Zimbabweans to eject the ruling ZANU PF in 2023.

Zimbabwe is scheduled to hold harmonised elections in 2023 and Mahere believes the economic difficulties will work against the governing party which is blamed for collapsing the economy through maladministration.

The southern African country’s inflation has been soaring in the past two years owing much to the local currency’s depreciation since its reintroduction in June 2019.

In a Twitter post in response to a post by an American economist, Professor Steve Hanke, Mahere said:

People within & outside Zim are taking notice of the fact that there is a changed atmosphere in the country. With 152% inflation, 49% extreme poverty & US$2bn being looted each year by Zanu PF, the 2023 ejection will see the citizens voting in their millions for change.

Professor Hanke had said “In Zimbabwe, a new opposition party (CCC) has made significant gains in byelections. With inflation roaring at 152%/yr by my measure, the CCC has a shot at challenging what is little more than a corrupt criminal organization (ZANU-PF) in next year’s elections.”

CCC rebranded this year from MDC Alliance after Senator Douglas Mwonzora who leads MDC-T claimed ownership of the name “MDC” and all its variances.

In the 26 March by-elections, CCC emerged as the winner with 19 National Assembly seats out of 28 that were up for grabs while it ammassed 77 Local Government seats out of 121 that were vacant. The rest were won by the ruling party.

Meanwhile, political experts warn the opposition party against complacency citing small margins it won with in areas previously considered the opposition’s strongholds and huge margins it lost with in ZANU PF strongholds.

They urge the Nelson Chamisa-led party to work on the rural vote that has so far remained in the hands of the governing party.

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stallion 1 month ago

zanu ikakupinda mupfungwa unovhiringika they tell you history and they convince you with handouts even businesses they give you but its only a day unosvava navo they are a Mafia squad ye high calibre vakasandura musangano wevanhu zanu yaiva yevanhu iyezvino ndeye masyndicates ezvemari kwete freedom vese vari kutsigira avo pane pavari kubura through the system but remember its not only a day examples are many dzatinoziva zvekuti they will rule kusvika kare ndonhema chinobhururuka chinomhara nguva ingareba vachitonga but one day that will come to an end

Purse 1 month ago

True nerimwe rezuva Mwari vachatirangarira nothing is permanent in live


Mambo 1 month ago

Good for nothing dunderheads chant empty slogans here on pindula cant afgord to be on twitter noone takes you srs on this free site

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Political Expects warned opposition for the small margin in their stronghold and the bigger margin ZanuPf got in their stronghold 🤔

Mahere its not only poverty that make people vote for change, you need to ran around make sure people are registered to vote and vote for you not the science you talking about.

Already your statement Mahere is a dispute of results coz you have won from what you think is happening on the ground yet its not.
for some its culture to vote ZanuPf and all you need is to turn around that culture by going to meet the people not to be making noise on twitter, am no longer on twitter they blocked me for telling people like you and the west the truth and the truth alone 😂 problem if u argue with an opposition you are labeled ZanuPf coz people want to be opposite with their mouth not using brains...

sorry i forgot to say good morning people from EAST WEST NORTH & SOUTH
some say this n some say that everything from my mouth is BLACK...

Phidza 1 month ago

On point

.. 1 month ago

I wonder why some people still vote for Zanu yet they are not benefiting anything someone once said you cannot liberate a happy slave,, some people who are enslaved by Zanu are happy hence they don't see any future on CCC may you open your eyes see outside the box even some people who are here they haven't got a single cent from Zanu but you see them shouting Zanu woye just for that mealie meal ****🚮

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

What Advocate Mahere says is true. Vanhu VAKAKA nenhamo but l really don't think most of the young people in urban areas really understand this. I have interacted with a number of youths in different provinces, talking about voting as well as politics and their future. The reality is disheartening. A lot do not see the necessity of registering to vote and voting.

A lot of rural folks feel intimidated and that for them to live peacefully in their homes they have to do what ZANUPF demands. This is despite the fact that they loathe ZANUPF. Hapana anoda kutongwa nezvigure hamaweee.

Also, some people in rural areas are not yet aquainted with CCC brand though they love Chamisa. Havasi kutoziva kuti Chamisa is no longer in MDC.

So, serious voter education in towns is required nguva ichipo. Also, CCC needs to continue with momentum campaigning in rural areas because during election time or closer, ZANUPF will be all out again frustrating CCC's campaign efforts. A lot of areas will be unreachable to CCC and even internet will be down for much of the town.

Pamberi negolden future. Change is inevitable.

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

...for much of the time.

Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof) 1 month ago

Honai kutadza debate imi mapuwa free platform. Mongotuka ZanuPf chete. Pindurayi zvataurwa na va Mzvinavhu izvo chete chete chete.

Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof) 1 month ago

Endai unotaura ku Zacc kana chiri chokwadi.

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

Debates run on feelings often degerates to valgur throwing and myopic nonsense 🤣🤣🤣🤣. ZANU-PF has no future for those born after 2000. Let me share what i experienced with these old madalas some time ago. They abuse funds then use just a fraction of allotted budget for a project. Some even collected money meant for Village heads from banks and it never reached it's recipients. Come election time, they will run around like headless chicken distributing meali-meal. I once drove for a number of these madalas and i saw how corrupt these guys are. SACTIONS that they scapegoat with aren't affecting them at all because they just loot from treasury and pilfer the money out of the country using proxies and shelf companies. Mary knows this, she is being decimated due to the fact that she almost spilled the beans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I drove for a number of these madalas and I'm talking from experience not hearsays

Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof) 1 month ago

Kundituka hayisi vote. kkkkkki. Isawo pfungwa dzako. Muchaita zvakaita Bob Wine ku Uganda ZanuPf ichititonga mu Zim. History will tell you that Muzorewa had urban supporters with rural majority being ZanuPf. That has not changed. Its tongi-ing continua! Kuramba land reform. Nhasi chanana choti ndichaunza vayungu back within few days. Kuzodii? Taurayi kuti "Pasi ne satanic sanctions ". Vanhu vafare kuti nyika inozogadzirika. Kwete rubbish. Kkkkkki

Purse 1 month ago

So corruption hamudi kuti pasi nayo taneta nazvo izvi comdrade chimbopai mwana chimuti

Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof) 1 month ago

There is no way the majority of Zimbabweans who vote freely can allow those leaders who support sanctions to rule Zimbabwe. We, who denounce sanctions, with the assistance of SADC, have created awareness that the major factor in the causalty equation of our economic problems, are the satanic sanctions. The opposition leaders, over the the years, have exposed themselves by supporting sanctions ab initio and lobbying for Zidera renewal, as their sordid and satanic religion. Naive and raw minded Mahere, being coached by one, neo colonial stooge tool, Chingono, is just politically puffing stinking hot air. No amount of propaganda will change the history of ZanuPf dominance and control of Zimbabwe State.Its anathema for stooges of the West to form a government in liberated Zimbabwe. It is true that the records of US legislature when debating Zidera, predicted that the satanic sanctions squeeze would make Zimbabweans squeal and vote out our revolutionary party, ZanuPf. This will never happen because the majority are not given to Mahere-Chingonish political brewing. That young political apprentice, Mama Herere Herere, will run out of political steam during her nefarious, sordid and myopic stint. Unpatriotic stooges of the West qualifying to reside in the Zimbabwe State House? Never, never! Nehanda forbid! Amen! Amen!

Purse 1 month ago

Mahere ataura patwitter cde busy muram baraba papindula changamukai vanhu chatiri kusafira munyika chii

Mubereki 1 month ago

A student sat for an exam with 100 questions. He answered 35 of them. When his report came, it showed that he had got 52 correct answers out of 100. Is this normal? If not who is fooling who?

Jombo 1 month ago

Kkkkk it is possible because one question might have carried many marks

Gaffer 1 month ago

Taura nyaya y'all inzvike

UFO 1 month ago

democratic movement mwana wa mwonzora
Murwere wepfungwa

POSTED BY ME 1 month ago


Church 1 month ago

This Democratic movement guy is an ****
he's a lame u have failed to c the future
my son
CCC is the future B I T C H


This is **** of course. Gone are the days where we thought opposition will win the election in zimbabwe.Its been decades and we still chant opposition will win. Sometimes it's okay to give up. Painfully we must accept that this country will be ruled by ZANU.As much as I hate to say this but that's the reality.

Some people went on even to say UN should conduct the elections and I was like not in a million years

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

What the so called advocate twittered is lame. Poverty has been the order of the day since the early 2000s and yet still the opposition couldnt get the ruling party out of office. The harsh reality is ZANU will always be in power because they have the means and capacity to WIN. All the other so called opposition parties are just toothless dogs they have nothing to offer except false hopes. Viva all the urban youth who have not registered to vote myself included ensuring a landslide victory for ZANU. ZANU always and forever the rulers

tito 1 month ago

iwe phidza uri**** chaiwo nxlaaa


Woyeeeee Zanu pf

Idi Amin 1 month ago

A man who shows fear is weak and he is a slave.

Totito 1 month ago

@ Phidza, Fadzayi is an advocate and she communicates on twitter iwe uchingohukura chiZanu pa free pindula. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Phidza 1 month ago

Vana Fadzi kufarira kusvigwa kwamai nechikomba.. hatidi isu zvematripple ti*****. Zanu woyeee

firbes 1 month ago


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