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Economic Crisis Making Zimbabweans' Lives Extremely Difficult - CCC

Economic Crisis Making Zimbabweans' Lives Extremely Difficult - CCC

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa has said the economic crisis in the country has made life in Zimbabwe extremely difficult.

The Zimbabwean economy has been deteriorating in the past two years due to a number of factors including poor policies, dynamics in the global economic arena, economic saboteurs -according to the government, and rampant corruption by government officials.

The opposition party which blames the economic crisis on maladministration by the government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa now urges young people to vote the incumbent government out of power. Said the party this Saturday:

Dear young Zimbabweans, Unemployment, a broken economy and a lack of opportunities have made life in Zimbabwe extremely difficult for the ordinary person. Zanu PF has failed to lead a great and rich nation. It is time to vote to change our fortunes.

We call on you to all register to vote for a strong economy, better opportunities, a functional public health system, modern infrastructure, affordable education, good security and access to basic services. 

Zimbabwe needs new leaders who put the citizens first. Hope and collective action are our best bet in the fight to win Zimbabwe for change. We must not feel disillusioned. 

The CCC also said young people have the power to decide the outcome of the next election as they constitute more than half of the eligible voting population.

There has always been the belief that the old people will likely vote for ZANU PF (due to the history they share) while the younger generations are likely to vote for the opposition (since life has been difficult for the good part of their lives).

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ykkk 1 month ago

Chamisa nyika yakurisa iyi haungaigone siirai wakur zvnhu zvavo

TISU 1 month ago

ndozvavakaudzwa kuHerbet chitepo school of ideots

Sando 1 month ago

central government has the power CCC Ina kana 1 minister zvake even deputy zvake and it's barely 90 days vapinda muparliament ana how many are there news makaverenga pano Biti was booood In parliament and failed to speak munoda aite sei those Zanu pf thugs are roudy in the house tsvoo kutaura zvine musoro kuenda kunoita noise kuparliament varume nevakadzi vakuru, face the facts you Zanu pf scumbugs

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

You forgot to mention the ZANU scumbag called @Blue 🔵 spewing his faecal matter on Pindula

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@THE KING FIEND say no to drugs, usauye mucomment section uchibva kurova mutoriro hazvibude


Leee 1 month ago


Mdluli 1 month ago

How old are you @ The King Fiend?
Am now worried for you......

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

@KingFiend's Mental age is 5⅞ years, but about 13 dog years old.

dispenser 1 month ago

which sound policies do Zanu puppies talk about.Is CCC the rolling Gvt .Yu think by speaking behind can provoke the people's party to divulge information behind its policies.A grade 7 student trying to outdo a PhD graduate.Haibudi!! . Another think is when it comes to economy pane vamwe VAnorama fraudulently .vanoda Zanu kwete kuti yakanaka ,asikuti vanema opportunities e corruption .money changers . destroying e country for their selfishness

Tang. Ku 1 month ago

Fiend your comments are back ward , mnangagwa took over power from a failed Mugabe preaching he will bring a viable economic and promised to deal with money barrons but till now no one is being dealt with and now he is pleading with a barbaric organ "polad" to point finger the sabotoers it's very catastrophic when an older leader asks for such help should he quit and pave way for the people one who is anointed symple

SharpIdeas 1 month ago

Sound economic policies needed. MPs are legislators not the executive. The King Friend uri kurasika papi. Business community ndivanani.Try to find out you will get answers.

f. u. c. k u 1 month ago

@thekingfiend u tell me u believe the economy saboteurs fairy tale by ed.... ed has simply failed chinhu chaora ichi.😁

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

@SharpIdeas who's confused between me and you? The President right now is looking for those economic saboteurs, these people are invisible in a visible atmosphere. There are infact backed politically or they back some politically party, it's simple politically motivated .

Who's is controlling the parallel market? If we don't know then Politicians have a role to play. All of them.

SharpIdeas 1 month ago

The King Friend seems to be confused.Sound

Unonyepa 1 month ago

Your gvt does not listen to the opposition.Rather they gather a group of boozers/losers that answers to the name POLAD. They instead of coming up with concrete solutions they talk of diplomatic passports,new cars and fishing at ED' s farm. Any propositions by the main and genuine opposition are labelled as Western sponsored. Chamisa is not the only one looking for votes ( anyway that is his job specification). Every political leader is entitled to do that including Comrade Kusvasvanga. For your information the majority of enlightened people in this country don't care what politicians from either aisle says. The people will vote enmasse and blindedly for anyone who is or does not talk of tichingotonga imwi muchingo vukura.

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

The ZANU pf leader is busy accusing the economic manipulators for the recent price hikes, but the CCC leadership is pointing back to ZANU pf for all damages done. We the voters want our concerns to be addressed and because we voted for CCC MPs what are they doing? Are they forwarding our cries to the Business community or are they now encouraging the Business sector to tighten up .I'm shocked because the President came out clearly and addressed this issue of basic commodities hikes, but Chamisa is busy looking for next year votes only.

We the citizens must benefit first before Politicians benefit.

The Queen Fiend 1 month ago

@ THE KING FIEND you are by all measures displaying that you are biased. Any reasonable person takes your having voted for CCC with a pinch of salt. How many times have we heard Biti castigating the regime and labelling it a failure. How many times have we had Biti proffering that we should dollarise. If you are not at tandem with all electronic and print media and listen only to the Dead BC or the Herod then you are a victim of Tsarism propaganda. You have been brainwashed by George Charamba and hoodwinked by that nurse-cum-political liliputians Nick Mangwana.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@THE KING FIEND, hona chero bby rako ratotaurawo kuti warotomoka😂

Dirigsme 1 month ago

Nyangwe iniwo zvangu an ex combatant,a war veteran born and bred in Zanu am so disappointed by the rampant looting and selfishness of the Politburo and it's cronies. They have grabbed everything. They think of elections everyday. And are not attendant to the crisis caused by the economic topsy turvy. As long as they are satiated they and their families they will not care a damn about the povho and the proletariat. Iam praying that all the youth in this country will rise in their numbers and vote for anyone except ED and skirred rebhara.

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Chamisa is just a Zimbabwean celebrity not a Zimbabwean Leader.People just like his jokes and the way he denounces ZANU PF leadership, most of his fans don't vote.
If Chamisa was a leader he would find a better solution for his suffering supporters rather watching them suffer and encouraging them to vote for him next year. People are dying due to hunger and basic commodities are way too expensive, therefore he is supposed to encourage the business sector to ease the pressure. ED Mnangagwa is currently concerned about the price hikes but Chamisa is busy looking for votes.

I personally voted for CCC last elections, but something knocked my senses when I looked at how much struggle everyone is now facing on day to day situations, since the inception of MDC and CCC the corporates ,business sector and some civil servants have turned wild.. they are now focused on profits and increments..

MPs during your rallies you promised us to be our mediators,,how come you've been silent about these price hikes of basic commodities? I silence means you're powerless also and that will probably mean ZANU pf will remain in power until all rivers run dry.

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

@KinFiend, don't bunch Chamisa together with Passion Java please. They are light years apart

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Unganyore zimutorododo rakadai rekunyomba CCC, dai waiise effort yakadai kuchikoro uri munhu kwaye anofunga usiri kutaura zvaukutaura izvi.

Mdluli 1 month ago

Im not sure if u are okay....
What do u mean "plead with teachers even if they are incapacitated"? Do u know the meaning of the word incapacitated "? Someone who cannot pay for transport to report to their teaching school? How will that person commute to the rural schools he is supposed to go to?

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Right now I could be negotiating with the business sector to at least reduce the prices of basic commodities that were recently hiked.
Plead with Teachers and Nurses to offer the best of their service efforts even though they are incapacitated, hold on until CCC gets into office.
Plead with the police to exercise patience e. t. c
Chamisa must not stop campaigning, his voice needs to be heard frequently and in favour of citizen grievances. He must address and solve some of the issues on his way up. Why is he waiting for our votes only?

Leed 1 month ago

If you were in Chamisa's shoes what you were going to do

Skelter 1 month ago

Haiwa ngaapinde hake mukomana

Gafa 1 month ago

The family sized fool has failed ccompletely.Lets do away with old people home party

STALIN 1 month ago

We're countin' on you Mr President
Pindai zvenhu muhofisi

Chamisa junior 1 month ago

Ngaapinde hake mukomana

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