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Economic And Market Analysts Warn Of Impending Civil Unrest In Zimbabwe

Economic And Market Analysts Warn Of Impending Civil Unrest In Zimbabwe

Akribos Research Services, a top economic and markets think-tank, says Zimbabwe might soon experience service delivery challenges and social unrest if the government fails to address the civil service salary impasse before the 2023 elections.

In its half-year review report issued yesterday, Akribos warned that civil servants’ measly pay packs had the potential to cause social unrest, according to NewsDay Zimbabwe. Part of the report read:

Growing poverty levels among government workers will continue to affect service delivery in various government departments, and this may trigger strikes, stay-aways, and social unrest in the general economy as Zimbabwe heads towards its 2023 elections.

The government responded with a 100% salary increment which will come into effect in July 2022 in a bid to cushion its employees. However, we are of the view that going forward re-dollarisation and higher-than-expected inflation will keep the pressure high on the government for more salary adjustments from civil servants.

On average the lowest-paid government worker in May 2022 earned between $18 000-$19 000, an amount less than the food poverty datum line and currently equates to about US$23 at the prevailing parallel market and just over US$45 using the current official rate ($399,40: US$1). This has caused friction between the government and its workers as salaries continued to lag inflation and the exchange rate making lives unbearable.

Akribos indicated that some of the signs of dissatisfaction included teachers’ unions and health workers who have been engaged in endless strikes over to low pay.

Last week, MavimaPublic Service minister Paul Mavima urged civil servants to be patient and give a chance to the ongoing salary negotiations.

The southern African country is also reeling from inflation which has been rising in the past two years partly due to the depreciation of the Zimbabwe dollar. 

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Da Truth 2 weeks ago

42 years of patience guys until u die poor.Says minister machina be patient guys we need another 40 yrs to solve yo salary issues.🇿🇼🆘🐸

Chahototo 2 weeks ago

These bogus so called think tanks are part of the wider strategy of destabilizing the country, being instituted by the CCC cult secret society and their CSO cabals backed by Western Governments. However, we dare anyone who wants to cause strife in our peaceful country to go ahead, but be prepared for the consequences of such actions.

2023 ED Pfeeeeee 🇿🇼✊✊✊

@Chahototo 2 weeks ago

Your mentality and Intelligence is very poor.

Putin 2 weeks ago

ED pfee kudiiko iwe... Why talk of 2023 now u are the ones ruling wats derailing u to achieve a stable economy with a strong currency.. What will u achieve in 2023 that u are failing to do now.
There is no adequate electricity.. All what was left by Smith u distroyed

No running water in many locations. ... Motton Jeffrey Yakasiiwa na Smith ndiyoyo chete.. U are in power for 42 years why did not u expand

All roads are a death trap.. What more do u want to show yourselves that u have failed

Putin 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the correction.. And the recommendation. However I noticed despite my poor English and vocabulary and also mixing languages... U indeed understood what I was trying to say. The point did hit u squarely. Then u instead of answering with proper logic of why the country is still backwards after gaining independence in the hands of u the zanoids and yo pfee mantra... U went on to attack my lack of good English that's a low key my guys answer with facts on the issue at hand why do u need another term in office.

@Putin 2 weeks ago

@ Putin.Go and learn how to express yourself in English first then come talk to me. It's not a must to comment in English on this poor man's platform Putin. Any other indegenous language is allowed

observer 2 weeks ago

the only civil servants worth talking about in ZIMBABWE are teachers, doctors and nurses employed by the government.
the rest seem to be happy, kikikikiki

Tanyaradzwa 2 weeks ago


Mwana waMambo 2 weeks ago

Chiri kunzi ed pfee chinyiko ichocho. Zvakaora izvo. Munoda kuti pfee kodini? Chinyi chamunganongedza chamakaita besides abusing innocent people, looting and murder. Zvoshamisa chokwadi. Ndikunzwe futi uchiti pfee pfee kunge chigotora


Gwedu 2 weeks ago

Tikutanga muna December, not now !

Guzuzu 2 weeks ago

Civil unrest would be a good move if we really need to do away with this despotic government. However, we have a police force and army which stands to be an impediment when the general populace try to engage with politics of our land. The Zanu pf will always provide salary hikes for the ary in order to hoodwink them, thus socio-political bribery.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Pakaipa mwari pindirai...

legislator 2 weeks ago

vakundikana vakomana,hezvoko bwaaaaa

Farean 2 weeks ago

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