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Econet Seeks RBZ Exemption As Batau's Ecocash Reaches Limit

Econet Seeks RBZ Exemption As Batau's Ecocash Reaches Limit

Ecocash, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service, has approached the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in a bid to have Sirizani Batau exempted from Ecocash limits.

Batau was burnt while trying to rescue people who were trapped in Beta bus that was in flames after being involved in a head-on collision with a fuel tanker about 20 km outside Mutare on Christmas Eve.

Five people died in the accident while 60 were sent to Victoria Chitepo Hospital for treatment after sustaining injuries.

Many people have been sending money to Batau for medical bills and his upkeep. 

Alex Tawanda Magaisa announced that he had spoken to Ecocash management after many people had reached out to him informing him that Batau’s number had reached the Ecocash limit. He said:

Many have written to me saying Sirizani Batau’s number has reached the limit. I have spoken to @EcoCashZW management, and they have informed me that they have asked for permission from @ReserveBankZIM to remove the limit. @EcoCashZW are still waiting for a response from RBZ!

Magaisa, a former Chief of Staff in the office of the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the late Morgan Tsvangirai had initially posted on his social media pages fundraising for Batau. His post read: 

If you are in Zimbabwe or abroad and want to send a Christmas gift to Sirizani Batau who risked his life saving lives in the Mutare Road tragic accident, this is his Ecocash is: +263773024849. Once more we thank him for his heroic efforts that saved lives.

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Providence 6 months ago

Thank you mr Butau wakarwa kurwa kwakanaka mwari ngavakuitire zvidhafu dhafu the true Hero welldone

M. Cotton 6 months ago

May God bless Me Batau

Remson Mhemba 6 months ago

Gvt should buy him a truck ..hose and trailer and give him contract as a token of appreciation

Analyst 6 months ago

Thank you Sir! I pray for your speedy recovery!

Robert Ndlovu 6 months ago

I am poor hangu chokupahandina asi kutendakwangu kukuru. Ndinotenda mwana we Zimbabwe

Imwe mbeu 6 months ago


SAM Chinanga 6 months ago

Well done Mr Butau, your bravery shall always be remembered forever. May God bless you richly and abundantly.


Pablo 6 months ago

Thank you Mr Batau. May God bless you

Kongo 6 months ago

He must be declared a hero and when he die he must be buried at the heroes acre

🤨🤨 6 months ago

Ahunyepe even ve fire brigade vaunonzwa kti akapinda mumoto her apana

Gwedebu 6 months ago

He deserves employment ne relevant authorities in fire fighting, dai pakasvika vacho vanonzi vakafunda vaingoita risk assessment vobva vamira zvavo vanhu vachitsva bcoz vanenge vachiti your safety first.. kkk

Bledza 6 months ago

Ndoovanhu vanofanira kupihwa mamedal of honour kwete ana Auxilia

Two Boy 6 months ago

Thank you Zimbabwe for loving Mr Batau back showing him with money and gifts. Very few people survive fuel-tanker fire. Mr Batau is unique. Think. Many lives could have been lost, serious (3rd degree burns) sustained but somehow Mr Batau prevented that from happening. This guy paid a heavy price... with his own life. God is great. Mr Batau's efforts are not in vain.

You don't need to be a politician or well connected to be a hero.

Chamatams 6 months ago

Thank you Mr Batau for your help of serving lives. May God bless you.

Malvern 6 months ago

God heals the wounds

Amai klye 6 months ago

GOD bless you mr batau

😴 6 months ago

Ipapa muchaona ana Professor Vostro and Dr Nostro vachiita zvinonyadzisa...vane misoro yakaoma kunga nhombo ka at times.

Gogodera 6 months ago

Mr Mr vazotii

🤨🤨 6 months ago


Adv slamey 6 months ago

He is did a hero both provincial And national hero

Adv slamey 6 months ago

He is a true hero in deed, he saved. Many lives by sacrificing himself,though some passed away Batau managed to render his help risking his life. Dai waro mwari vakuvhenekera Butau you have showed true love. God will bless you are a hero .

Gogodera 6 months ago

Even kufire brigade ngavamupe basa

🤨🤨 6 months ago

Yaaa chokwadi ichocho kupinda mumoto even ku army chaiko

JR1 6 months ago

You deserve it!!

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