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Econet Founder, Strive Masiyiwa, Summoned To Parliament

Econet Founder, Strive Masiyiwa, Summoned To Parliament

ECONET founder Strive Masiyiwa has been summoned to appear before Parliament to give oral evidence on an issue where his company is accused of failing to pay Masvingo Municipality for leased land.

The land houses the company’s base stations.

A register of lease agreements shows that Econet has 16 base stations in Masvingo, despite that some of its lease agreements with the municipality expired years ago.

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) member Dexter Nduna (Chegutu West MP) Tuesday confirmed that Masiyiwa had been summoned to appear before Parliament. Nduna told NewsDay:

Parliament is a big institution and this is the reason why the committee seeks the input of the proprietor, not messengers (Econet bosses) with a view that he explains the anomaly where his company is not paying for that leased land. The AG exposed this and the committee has gone further to try and find out what has been happening and how this is happening.

We are seeing revenue leakages in the form of underhand dealings. We are seeing proliferation of Econet base stations and we shudder to think if this (not paying council) is also not happening in other towns

Nduna said Parliament seeks to understand what transpired and also to recover the money.

The anomaly with regards to the lease agreements was unearthed by Auditor-General (AG) Mildred Chiri’s 2019 report on local authorities.

Section 299 of the Constitution confers PAC with unlimited oversight powers over State and council’s financial activities.

Of Econet’s 16 lease agreements in Masvingo, one of them for Lot 75 Rujeko B base station measuring 180 square metres has expired while some agreements including Lot 7 Don Bosco Primary School and Lot 8 Flamboyant Hotel base stations signed in January 2014 have no expiry dates.

Lot 5 lease agreement was signed on August 1, 2017, and expires on July 31, 2022.

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E Buri 6 months ago

you guys you are kundi cansbgreater filers makundikana history yangu handisati ndamboona parliamentary doto nxaa

chibaba 6 months ago

Nduna mwana weZec akapinzwa iye adyiwa ngaatinyararire

Kunta07 6 months ago

Tsomu tsomu this guy's they like police on road block haipfuure usina kubvisa yemusanaa kkk cos takada kutsvagawo mhosva todziwanaa pane marii hatikushairweee baba

Chegutu 6 months ago

Chegutu West lagislator vekuzvipinza pachigaro vasina kuhwina

Jet Li🥋 6 months ago

Haiwa ngatutibvirepo. Tsoma tsoma naStrive. Tuma utter failures twevanhu nxaaaaaaaaa.
Since it's formation, ECONET is like a pain in their ass. They must attend to NETONE and state run telcoms companies and grow up to where Econet is. Nazvino they are like hounds after venison kutsoma chese chine Econet mukati . Now busy rendering airtime vendors jobless and services like Ecocash ava kutonetsa because of these people who have vendettas against someone who minds his hokosi. Strive ndite akauraya Economy yedu? Strive ndiye akutadza kugadzirisa zvinhu munyika?


Lovemore Ncube 6 months ago

Hon Nduna you need to understand that Econet is a person who can be sued . Whatever has happened ask Econet to appear before you and he will come.Strive Masiyiwa and Econet are two different persons legally

Chapwititi 6 months ago

Strive Masiyiwa has representative in Zimbabwe,they are the ones who are supposed to be summoned before Parliament. Anopenga Nduna,hakuna zvakadaro,That's bullshit.

prophet limuere wemno 6 months ago

Very true

Chikandamina 6 months ago

Vakuda ma shares,havadi kutanga zvavo venga,haauye kuno .

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