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Econet Founder Masiyiwa Overtakes Patrice Motsepe Becomes Richest Black Man In Southern Africa

Econet Founder Masiyiwa Overtakes Patrice Motsepe Becomes Richest Black Man In Southern Africa

Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa has overtaken Patrice Motsepe to become the richest black man in Southern Africa.

According to one count, Masiyiwa’s net worth has surpassed $4.4 billion following the year-to-date price increase in the shares of his telecom company, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, and his smart-tech company, Cassava Smartech.

As of Wednesday, Masyiwa’s net worth had increased from $2.7 billion to $4.4 billion, reported.

Forbes’ authoritative rich list still has Masiyiwa behind Motsepe.

Both men have seen their wealth rocket since the start of the year.

Masiyiwa, 61, recently announced his retirement as chairman and director of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and still retains his more than 50% stake in the company he listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1998.

Motsepe credits his early business education with exposure to his father’s small spaza shop, and was a lawyer before moving into mining.

Masiyiwa trained as an electrical engineer.

Manufacturing magnate Aliko Dangote, from Nigeria, is the richest person on the African continent by a considerable margin, with a net worth calculated at close to $14 billion at the end of last year. His family features figures such as his great-grandfather Alhassan Dantata, once ranked the richest person in West Africa.

The richest people in Southern Africa are the dynastic families of Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer, who remain considerably wealthier than Motsepe and Masiyiwa.

Rupert and Oppenheimer are also typically the second and third richest people in Africa-wide lists, albeit well behind Dangote, with occasional competition from Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris, who is also a scion of a super-rich family.

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Data 2 months ago

All is well very soon you will overtake Billgates because your services are too expensive

Help Me 2 months ago

Folks there is a guy selling cheap data ..10 gig for $3500 Zim. How genuine is that

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

Are you aware of the rampant thieving being committed by your personel under CASSAVA Mr rich guy??? 🤔 You might be too busy but your Ecocash guys are stealing from clients horribly everyday. I even lost money myself to this your crude guys at Ecocash 😔

mxm 2 months ago

@Machiavelli .... uyu anotoita seakadyiswa neEconet ...saa atichaite majokes nxaaaaaaaaaaaa

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

I did my friend and my Facebook account was almost hacked since it's the one i used to lodge my complaint 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Luckily I'm a tech geek myself so i saw the hacking attempt and i notified Facebook to stem the hacker.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Call Customer Relations on 0771222114 for redress please. And make sure you have all details on hand - dates and time if transactions etc.



Shelly 2 months ago

wooow nyc

The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 2 months ago

I want to be yr Dj Towers

factos 2 months ago

but we wr Trillionaires in 2008
so i was rich than Bill gates

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Of course, trillionaires in ZimKwacha terms, mari inoperera paborder se network.
Strive is a billionaire in real terms. In Usdollars not Roubles either.
Garai pasi bamnini @ factos

Tindo the Richest Man in World 2 months ago

Tibvirei apo, Strive mwana pandiri uyo. I earned 3 trillion dollars a month in 2008 and at one point had 2 quintrillion dollars in my accoun. Right now I have more than 200 trillion dollars cash mumba.

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Hey @Machiavelli. Have a little sense if humour. @Tindo the richest bond note billionaire, is just trying to spread some cheer. Not everything should be serious-lised. We need some laughter in these stressful times.

gogodera 2 months ago


Machiavelli 2 months ago


ndini 2 months ago

kwete zvaJava

🐞 2 months ago

this man worked very hard ...deserves this .. congrats .

chipo 2 months ago

he is a prayerful man thats his trick....veduweeee regai kuba namatai

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Data if you are imputing or insinuating that Strive is a thief or somehow bent, you are barking up the wrong tree. I have known Strive from his PTC days, through Retrofit to Econet. I have known Tsitsi from her Empretec days. I have watched their business grow. I have observed their philanthropic foundations.

Never has there been a straighter and humane couple. You do them a disservice.

Data 2 months ago

@chipo u don't know what u are talking about everyone prays,even a thief will pray not to get caught.

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