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EcoCash To Lay Off Workers

EcoCash To Lay Off Workers

EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe is set to retrench some of its staff members, after the automation of our key business processes that render some workers redundant.

In a statement, the company said it is working closely with affected staff, stakeholders and regulators to ensure the process is consultative, transparent and compliant. EcoCash said:

The changing economic operating environment has necessitated a strategic refocus as we look to increase the competitiveness of our business.

This follows the successful automation of our key business processes. Regrettably, the process will result in the reduction of our overall staff complement across the group.

More: The Sunday Mail

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bvananguy 1 month ago

why adopt a system that necessities laying off staff in the first place?

Tateguru 1 month ago

This business my friend, not social welfare. You'll do the same eventually if God blesses you upward.

Truth 1 month ago

Makafarira Thembie ndiye akudzingisa vanhu mabasa

Naruto 1 month ago

Looks like ecocash has run out of cash

/army of northern 1 month ago

business is getting low. ecocash now only for buying zesa tokens. workers are indeed redundant

Tateguru 1 month ago

There was a time when the then PTC employed thousands of postmen across the country. Hundreds of them delivered what was called Telegram by then. SMSes, Social Media then took over and those thousands of workers were laid off. This is normal, that's how technology does.

Back 1975 you could see mules and ponies delivering milk around Harare (Salisbury) from nearby farms.

Zanu mole 1 month ago

pasi ne technorogy

JustSaying 1 month ago

The advance of technology has consequences for humanity.


Gwedu 1 month ago

Zimbabweans we have left with few months to mend our issues. We no longer need to keep on watching zanu destroying our lives!!

zanu 1 month ago

so what's wrong with the technology at eco cash so zanu yapinda papi ipapo zvimwe zvinhu think usati waposter

ED Amini 1 month ago

We celebrated when Ncube and co where attacking Ecocash and true to their desire, use of the service was almost anhilated. These are the results.

Anusa Pasedye 1 month ago

That's our telephonic

____ 1 month ago

Inorder for progress to take place certain things have to be done, case in point replacement of jobs by technology. For this country to be full of cars as it is now robots helped reduce the cost of cars, same goes for our mobile phones and most electronic gadgets.It sucks but it is necessary.

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