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E-passport To Come Into Use On 7 February

E-passport To Come Into Use On 7 February

The issuance of electronic passports ( e-passports) commenced on 18 January and the documents will be accepted as official travel documents at all ports of entry, the Civil Registry Department (CRD) has announced.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Acting Registrar General Henry Machiri said the roll-out of the travel documents has begun and the public will be kept informed on any further developments. Said Machiri:

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage through the Civil Registry Department commenced issuance of electronic passports (e-passports) at Central Registry in Harare on January 18, 2022.

Members of the public and all our valued stakeholders are therefore advised that the e-passport will be usable at all our ports of entry and exit with effect from Monday, February 7, 2022.

The nation will be kept informed on any further developments surrounding the ongoing implementation of the e-passport.

An e-passport is a conventional passport that has a chip implanted in one of its pages.

The chip contains data or information essential in verifying the identity of the passport.

The information in the chip includes the personal data found on the data page of the passport, the biometrics (physical characteristics that can be used to identify individuals, such as a photograph) of the passport holder, the unique chip identification number, and a digital signature.

The ordinary e-passport costs US$100 while an emergency or express e-passport costs US$200.

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Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Hallo wonderful people?Bulawayo guys,are National IDs now avalaible koMsitheli?I mean plastic ones and nxa ulahlile its how much?

Mjida 3 months ago

Am sure it's still equivalent to 10us

Charles 3 months ago

thiati great, so an emergency one takes how long to get it

Pala 3 months ago

Sorry its 72 hrs/3 days

Pala 3 months ago

24 hours

Sangoma 3 months ago

Passport yemumhepo lol


Nledxa 3 months ago

Fambiranai netechnology,ipai vanhu passport inenge Id card simple

Ngwene 3 months ago

Kkkkk pane technology inodarika Internet

Cliff 3 months ago

Ko vane ma domestic passport Ari valid vodii ko vane asati abuda mari dzavo makatora so madii kuvapawo e passport pachena coz haisi mhosva yake kuti inonoke kubuda. Sudden u turner.

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