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Dynamos Faction Rejects Sakunda Mediation

Dynamos Faction Rejects Sakunda Mediation

A Dynamos Football Club faction consisting of former club players and legends led by Ernest Kamba has rejected mediation efforts by the club’s principal sponsors Sakunda Holdings to resolve the long-standing ownership and shareholder dispute with board chairman Bernard Marriot Lusengo.

Sakunda Holdings, who are sponsoring Dynamos to the tune of close to US$1 million per season, last week approached Marriot and Kamba in a bid to bring them to the negotiating table and resolving the issues “amicably”.

The Dynamos ownership wrangel is currently being handled at the Harare Magistrate Courts.

Speaking to The Herald on Wednesday, Kamba said they were not prepared to take up the offer for mediation proposed by Sakunda Holdings. He said:

Of course I received that letter which spoke about issues to do with Dynamos ownership and shareholding.

Unfortunately, we are not going to do anything about that (letter) because the Dynamos constitution is very clear on the shareholding.

There is also the Justice Malaba Judgement of 2006 which pointed us back to the 1963 constitution.

The constitution spells out clearly who owns Dynamos and the shareholding structure is explained in unambiguous terms.

Kamba was elected chairman of a 10-member board of trustees that also has Sunday Chidzambwa, Eric Aisam, Cremio Mapfumo, David George, Moses Chunga, Clayton Munemo, Labani Kandi, Makwinji Soma-Phiri and Gina Kapfunde.

The group of former players have challenged Marriot’s claim of 51 percent shareholding in Dynamos.

Meanwhile, Marriot has long held that Dynamos ceased to be a community club via a resolution passed during the 1998 AGM.

Marriot maintains that things changed in 1999 when the original founding fathers, including him, registered a private company which now controls the club.

As the sole surviving members of Dynamos Football Club founders, Marriot has been chairman of the company’s board for the past few years.

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Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 1 month ago

Dynamos factions are littered with a murky history.Remember the Patrick Dick /Nhekairo faction. The Sifelani faction. Phillip Mugadza etc etc. And those entangled in these wars do not do it for the love of football but for gate takings. And the moment there is a Zanu factor in it then zvavharana. I've been a DeMbare fan ever since and have watched these tussles playing out sin die. Leslie Gwindi and Lloyd Hove. Then Lincoln Mutasa. And many more. Sanity & football will only return with a new gvt. Not this Zanu thugs

Ddd 1 month ago

Zvagara Dynamos yacho inobhowa kana kuona

Ddd 1 month ago

ukaona supporter we bhora remuno akapfeka flag ye club achibva ku bhora ...his either chigure, hwindi, mupe go kana kuti rombe. Kukba kwake hakuna chiriko ite wacho hapana chozikanwa saka manje!!

nhu 1 month ago

why is that every situation in zimbabwe i being politiced.vanhu hamhusi kuona here kuti politics kuitiswa nemapolitians ivo vachiguta zvavo.i know of certain pple who where very poor pavakangopinda mupolitic vave nedzimba nemota povho ichingoswero taura zvezanu he ccc apa muchifa nenzara vagoni vachiguta.shandayi hama kwete kuswero itiswa nevanhu ava.rovanai stereki ifayi stereki nokuti makapusa munofarira kuitiswa

Doug 1 month ago

Unlike with politics where the controlling body can allow and accommodate splinter groups, there will always be one Dynamos FC, and the sooner the disputing parties resolve their issues, the better it will be for the team's performance on the field. Consult the opinion of the more than seven million supporters as well.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Marriot wants to enjoy the fruits from Dynamos alone because he is the only surviving member who started the club. Enerst Kamba's faction is reasonable. Board members are well spread. In any case, if the issue is being handled by the courts, these factions must push their legal representitives so that the issue is finalised at the courts.



Ras Kiddominant 1 month ago

They should start a new team, vorova D3 this season, next D2 next D1 zvakutonakidza, next yacho Primier kwete kurwira zvakaitwa kare


Former player 1 month ago

The issue is simple what is needed is operation restore legacy the earliest the better..

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