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Duo Fined 12 Cattle For Excessive Deforestation

Duo Fined 12 Cattle For Excessive Deforestation

A community court in Makoni District has fined two villagers twelve (12) cattle for causing rampant deforestation in the area.

Chief Makoni’s court found Elvis and Jimmy Wilson guilty of excessive cutting down of indigenous trees for sale.

Headman Omega Gwasira was the complainant. He told the court that the duo was cutting down trees using chainsaws and then selling the wood to tobacco farmers. He said:

Elvis and Jimmy Wilson are using chainsaws to cut down trees and sell the wood to tobacco farmers for use in curing their tobacco.

I confiscated one of their chainsaws, but they have since reported me to the police saying I stole it.

They are operating every day with chainsaws and lorries to ferry the wood to their clients.

Even after being served with a summons to appear before this court, they didn’t stop their operations.

In passing the sentence, Chief Makoni said it was imperative to impose deterrent sentences as deforestation was getting out of hand.

He, therefore, ordered the duo to pay a fine of 12 cattle. Said the traditional leader:

The issue of deforestation has gone out of hand. We recently had a meeting at Makoni Rural District Council where we agreed to up our game in curbing deforestation.

We cannot fold our hands and watch as people cut down our trees and destroy the environment. The rate of deforestation is shocking.

Our forests are now seriously depleted and this exposes us to the effects of climate change. If we do not act now, we will end up with deserts.

We should impose deterrent sentences on those causing deforestation in our communities so that we send a clear message that we are serious about protecting the environment.

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@slaiza 1 month ago

haaa but 12 cattle. its tight

chief charumbira 1 month ago

siyai vana vararame takafa kare isu ah ko moda vaende south vanonourawa vagare vanopedzisira vaba vateme movasunga hakuna mabasa vapei zvokuita muone kuti vanozviita zvekare here ayewa maifanira kungovati mbudzi nehuku mbiri mouya nazvo kuno mombe idzodzo iwe uchatora imwe gumi wouya nadzo danga rangu raderera chose imwe touraira vanhu

mhofu 1 month ago

y not fine them with things that benefit the nation or community at large, like medical equipment yoiswa mu local hospital than mombe in todays zim it all becames part of 1 or 2 pple cattle, vamwe vese mu community dzoperera panyaya n no benefit. audit yemombe idzi y tisingazoione or kunzwa wat it then benefited the community that was destroyed, kuda kuwana zvinhu to loot chete. zim must change its ways

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Hanzi stiffer sentence kuitira the would be, saka its fair apo mutongo wekuti chichi nhanha 😀

Chigwida 1 month ago

chief vayambukira kusiri kwawo. maChief are now more corrupt than police officers. Why is it that Chiefs pocket the fines. they should surrender them to the government.

gandangaguru 1 month ago

chief wayambukira kusiri kwake.


Kisswell 1 month ago

Mombe dzacho dzinopiwa ani ?

Simboti Simboti 1 month ago

mombe dzinotorwa namambo , but ko EMA haisiyo inobhadharisa ma fines emhosva dzakadai here?

mutadza 1 month ago

Mambo vagona kutonga apa

gamba 1 month ago

good sentence indeed but ko maChina arikuchera chrome hapana zvovaita vachiya makomba asina kuvharwa

Chen 1 month ago

Muchinda wacho hamumuzive Kegan anoti chajei zvake handiti you know iye anedzake dzanotorawo.

cms 1 month ago

kkkk dai vatotonga nechainsaw kwete zvawo zvekutotonga nedemo

mmngmt ltd 1 month ago

Pa12 mazonyanyawo kutonga nedemo.

⁉️ 1 month ago

tio wataura chokwadi

Tio 1 month ago

Deforestation if left unchecked can lead to desertification, and ultimately to climate change, kudos to the chief. Also those tobacco company buyers through legislation should demand certification on how the tobacco was cured, if firewood was used then a 20% charge should be levied on them.

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