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Duo Arrested For Smuggling A Vehicle From South Africa

Duo Arrested For Smuggling A Vehicle From South Africa

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has announced the arrest of a duo in Beitbridge over the smuggling of a Nissan hardbody vehicle.

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, ZRP identified the duo as Decent Chowawa and Thomas Tsiga. We present the statement in full below:

On 06/03/22, Police in Beitbridge arrested Decent Chowawa and Thomas Tsiga for smuggling. The suspects were intercepted at a security checkpoint with an imported Nissan hardbody vehicle and produced a TIP with another person’s name without an import permit for the vehicle.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the vehicle was deregistered in SA.

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Jinx 3 months ago

I open the comment section with fear and much trepidation on the possibility of reading comments of a tribalistic nature. This platform has become a stage for hate to be propelled across the country and i fear for the younger Zimbabwean generation, in whom the seed of hate is being planted because of a few individuals hell bent on increasing the chasm between tribes.
Tribalism is a form of terrorism! Tribalism has no room in this age!

@ Team Pindula, it is known to me that you require traffic on this platform for it to become a source of income through ad generated revenue, perhaps.
However, the traffic on this site has become the extreme of both ends, highly acidic yet highly bitter. Highly vulgar, highly tribalistic, laced with hate.
For the sake of our little brothers and sisters whom may have learned new ways to insult, new ways to hate, please suspend the COMMENTS SECTION.


Tanu Mark Finnity 3 months ago

Guys truth is that we are all human beings and it doesn't matter if you are black green yellow or blue. We all are in the image of God and fact is we are brother and sister so this is why I say down with tribalism down with them that think they are inferior to another person . Let's all respect each other and move on as a united people a people of integrity never looks down on others. Let us embrace the spirit of Ubuntu .

Tkt 3 months ago

@Muchena Washe

i like your comment there, wavhura gwaro chairo hama yangu, i have a problem with my fellow ndebeles havatode kunzwa nezve maSHONA yet them and us are just one like you had alluded,

it is my wish that they understand the facts

factos 3 months ago

there's no bigger tribalist than a Shona person
that's why you killed ndebelez, and here you killing your own country denying your fellow brother to lead the country.

mashona you are tribalists to the fullest

Nation 3 months ago

Ngati wiriranei vanhu vamwari, ku tsiurana kwakanaka, asingaxabani singabantu banye ,njalo sonke sadalwa ngunkulunkulu


Uuuuuu 3 months ago

Lina mandebele liyasijwayela thina amashona kodwa okusalayo angeke labusa iZimbabwe

Worzell Gummidge 3 months ago

@Zvimbadzo. Yes the Shonas eat mice, termites, harugwa & mopani worms. The French eat snails.The Chinese, who you work for, eat snakes and dogs. The Maori eat sea worms. The natives of Papua new Guinea eat human flesh. The Masai Mara drink raw cow blood mixed with milk. Male prostitutes like you eat ****s for money. Saka wagwadziwa nei??? Siyana ne Tribalism. Just see people as humans with beauty and weaknesses too. But cherish the beauty only.

rova mbira 3 months ago

i think Pindula should.reject comments promoting tribalism and.hate speech
We dont learn anything from it.taneta nekutukwa

Tkt 3 months ago

Lakhala itshona

zakes 3 months ago

i try not be ttribalist but he we go again
mashona on the act

3 months ago

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

forgive me for the above statement i have already made, i am an uneducated charlatan from matebeland with zero percent pass rate, thats y we wanna be south africans

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

its these rat eating shonas commiting crimes in south africa ,ruining matebeleland's relationship with south africa

Muchena Washe 3 months ago

No to tribalism guys. Ini kunzwisisa kwangu the history of Zimbabwe. We are one people shona and ndebele people. There is no tribe in Zimbabwe. If you go to Matebeleland you will find vaSibanda, Nyathi, Ncube, Ndlovu etc these are the same people who were raided from Chivi, Mutasa and other areas. Sibanda ndiyo shumba Ncube ndiyo Shokozve, Ndlovu ndiyo Nzou, saka tasiyana papi. The original ndebele ndivana Khumalo vakabva kuZululand. Saka muchaona kuti vamwe vazhinji vanhu vakagara vari muZim. The original ndebeles comprised 15% of the Ndebele state. The Sotho, the Tswana were also incorporated along the way.

Shona is not a tribe for your own information. Shona is a word rakangobva pakati vanhu vaigara Northern part of Zimbabwe. (Etshonalanga) kumirira zuva.
Shona etshonalanga saka tisaitirana noise nekuti shona is not a tribe ndapedza nemi.

Mukacherechedza zvakanaka muchaona kuti under the shona we have korekore, zezuru, ndawu, samanyika, karanga, nambia etc. Vanonyora ndawu zimsec havati tanyora shona.

Ngazvipere nhasi izvozvo nekuti hamuna tribe muZimbabwe. We are one people. Vari kuma tebeleland ihama dzako vari kumashonaland ihama dzako. Nekuti sekuru vako vave kuzviti Sibanda ndivo vana babamukuru nana babamunini vanova vana Shumba.

Politics must not devide us.

3 months ago

Al 3 months ago

Say No To Tribalism

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