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DStv Removes Russia Today Channel, eTV Africa To Follow

DStv Removes Russia Today Channel, eTV Africa To Follow

Multichoice, DStv’s parent company, on Wednesday, froze RT (Russia Today), a Russian television channel across Africa following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday last week.

The move by MultiChoice comes after the European Union (EU) banned RT and another Russian state media outlet, Sputnik, from broadcasting in the bloc. A MultiChoice spokesperson said in a statement:

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union has led to the global distributor of the channel ceasing to provide the broadcast feed to all suppliers, including MultiChoice.

In an unrelated development, Multichoice has announced that several eMedia channels will no longer be available on DStv from 31 March 2022.

According to eMedia, the channels to be dropped by DStv are eTV Africa (channel 250), eMovies, eMovies Extra, eExtra and eToonz. An eMediaa message to subscribers read:

Dear DStv customer, eTV Africa will no longer be available on DStv from 31 March 2022.

DStv will only broadcast the news channel eNCA (channel 403), and it will carry E-tv’s daily Afrikaans news bulletin on kykNET (channel 144).

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Pidzo 1 month ago

Haaa paEtv matikwadza nembambaira

Mugalu Ronald 1 month ago

You remove e TV and leave us with what to only pay for local channels, sounds like a joke if so am willing to switch to other subscribers like Zuku or Azam guys. We can't pay for only local content get that

Slay 2 months ago

Ccc stands for "chamisa chimuhwasungata chavarungu"

Bright 2 months ago

Mashaya nyaya ka imimi or amhuna kunge madya henyu nezuro

zimboy 2 months ago

its high time we switch to AZAM tv multichoice...much cheaper futhi

Senior Citizen 2 months ago

Ukranian situation: As i Always tell people that the United States ,United Kingdom and the rest of the western world control's world geopolitics,world economy & media .As witnessed by the current trends on how the West United together and reacted swiftly against Russian aggression towards Ukraine ,now Russia has been isolated from the rest of the world in just one week🥺 the Results are there for everyone to see Russia's economy has been badly hurt in just one week with more than 60 % rise in inflation , Russia's foreign reserves frozen ,Russian Companies banned in trading in EU and in North America, Russian Aircrafts banned on EU n North American airspace , Russia's Central bank cut off on the swift international banking system .The Russian Federation is now alone being choked to death economically by the US and it's allies , yesterday's events at the United Nations General Assembly emergency meeting since 1997 saw the rest of the world rebuking Russia's actions in Ukraine with the 193 UN member states only 5 less Influencially countries voted in favour of Russia's actions ,while 35 countries including China their main powerful Ally and also our country Zimbabwe were neutral and the rest of the world voted against Russia's actions in a bid to introduce newer UN imposed sanctions against Russia including those countries that usually opposes the US like Venezuela .NATO has shown a united Strong front against Russia by giving support to Ukraine in terms of Military support in giving Ukraine state of the art weaponry like US supplied Stinger missiles and Patriot Air Defence Systems which are responsible for the downing of Russian war planes ,land systems for Artillery and anti tank systems which has resulted to Russian advances setbacks ,the Russian defence ministry released a press statement saying over 500 Russian serviceman have been killed in Action and over 1500 injured with the world Military analysts saying the Russian government is lying about the numbers to try keep the moral of Russian troops and citizens ,the numbers are higher than those who were killed in Action in the US Vietnam war , Soviet Afgan war ,the US Iraq war in the first initial week, these setbacks have fractuated Putin and his Generals as this was confirmed by the Russian Foreign affairs minister who admitted in today's (03 March) world press conference that the Russian defence miscalculated Ukraine's defences ,but the fact is that Ukraine defence is being supplied by the west in munitions that have caused tremendous costs for the Russian armed forces and the US and NATO have reinforced the European NATO boundary eastern flank , with more lethal US made weaponry being deployed over there, Major NATO members like Germany and France have increased their defence budgets for Germany they have increased their defence budget from 86 Billion to 100 Billion Euros more than 2.5% of their GDP more than the current Russia's defence budget with the sanctions taking place it's gonna be more difficult for Russia, with China's defence budget sets about 300 Billion while the US defence budget is way above every nation in the world with about 738 billion dollars .The situation in Ukraine has given the world a clear picture on who controls what and how !? That's why China has been reluctant to make a move on Taiwan ,the situation has made the Chinese to go back to the drawing board because they have seen how the West has done to Russia's economy without any Military action ,the consequences have been felt even here in Southern Africa Zimbabwe with the latest move was the removing of RT on DSTV , Russian Olympics team has been banned from the scheduled winter Olympics games,Fifa has made a move against Russia,even EA Games has made a move on Russia on its mostly loved FIFA soccer video game 😂 crazy but reality ,,,, those who say the west and the US has lost in geopolitics as a superpower must rethink their crazy thinking 😂 the US and EU have their fingers pocked on everything in the world ,Even thou Russia has genuine concerns about its national security,,,,that is reality we cannot ran away from it the US is still the world's prefect🇿🇼🇺🇸


ttttt 2 months ago

eu neUs varikumutya avo putin dai ari umwe vakatomumamisa kare

Mistubish Pajero 2 months ago

Uuuuuuummmmm Russia yapedzerwa maspots ne EU ne US uuuuummm pakaipa

Godfrey 2 months ago

US and allies always use information to brain wash the world that why they are blocking Russia from telling the world their story. In lraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia it wasn't an invasion it was a military operation but in U Ukraine because its Russia its an invasion shame on you.

The Chicken ThatFlew 2 months ago

Ngavavhare ne ZBC if possible

2 months ago

T.Bulinda 2 months ago

Kkkkk dead BC ngaivharwe

2 months ago

Citizens of zim 2 months ago

Amana musaite zvekutamba neNATO
Russia yaurairwa zvese

Chahototo 2 months ago

It's an attempt to block the Russian narrative by Europe. Go Putin Go

. 2 months ago

We are tired with anti-russia Western propaganda....bring bek RT & press tv.
Daily Israel bombs Gaza, the states bombs everyone with drones including Syria, Afghanistan & Somalia....but when it comes to Russia it's painted like it's the end of the world....By banning alternative views u're killing us with your propaganda

. 2 months ago

Who says it's illegal?,CNN or BBC or france24?...the issue is about getting a balanced view king. If we don't hear from the Russians themselves who are we to trust?....they should not ban alternative voices, if it's propaganda we will judge it as such. Taking RT off air shows their fear & it's a violation of our right to information. How we take that info is up to us not for them to tell us what to think or know

King Rey 2 months ago

Do u know tht it's illegal to say "invasion of Ukraine" if u are in Russia? they rely on sick propaganda, even liberal Russian news outlets are being outlawed, why? Sick Putin, sick Lukashenko.

Bright 2 months ago

Asi etv ndeyeku Russia kanu

Ngwene 2 months ago

Ingawani zvanzi "in an unrelated development"

Pfuuu 2 months ago

Does ETV belong to putin ?

rova mbira 2 months ago

good, Russia did a bad thing bullying a peaceful country like that killing chn and sick people. God will judge putin harshly.

Sasha 2 months ago

Putin kuda kuverengwa muhistory chete uku

🥁 2 months ago

In as much as he will judge the USA & NATO

taps 2 months ago

wy etv

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