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DStv Introduces New Channel, Hilaal TV

DStv Introduces New Channel, Hilaal TV

This article was sponsored by Multichoice Zimbabwe

DStv has launched a brand-New Islamic channel called, Hilaal TV, which is available on channel 347 and on all bouquets.

Liz Dziva, Publicity and Public Relations Manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe said Hilaal TV is set to deliver the highest quality of Islamic content to DStv subscribers, packed with spiritual and lifestyle content specifically aimed at uplifting and supporting the broader Ummah; and providing entertaining and enlightening viewing 24-hours a day for both adults and children. Said Dziva:

Hilaal TV will deliver some of the best Islamic ethos programmings – including daily live crossings to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah, with a specific focus on holy Muslim periods.

There is also an array of series that the channel has in store for DStv customers, including Chalo Lets cook, Cooking Competition which premiers in August, Ml Suliman Moola Tafseer Lecture series, Living Lekker with Yusuf Daniels and Thameena Daniels (Father-Daughter) Family dynamics and many more local favourites.

The channel will also offer live shows such as Daily Live Crossing to Makkah and Madinah for prayers, Dean @ Dawn which is a daily morning live show with Sheikh Sameh Jaad and Live Hajj coverage from the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

Get your dose of daily quality Islamic programming that will captivate and spiritually uplift you only on channel DStv channel 347.

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Apathy the Psycho 1 month ago

A world without religion would be a perfect place

parasite 1 month ago

they are terrorist

Chita chaMaria Musande 1 month ago

Inga zvavo ma Muslims
Halaal meat and now Hilaal TV

Newsworthy??? 1 month ago


Ayatollah 1 month ago

bring that channel to Iran

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Moita muchiudza ana ztn kti pavanoburitsa bhora paya ummm picture quality ngavaitengese vachiwedzera like super sport bcz yavo inokuvadza maziso

Karl marx 1 month ago

In the words of Karl Marx religion is the opium of people


sugar boy 1 month ago

these is going to be worst channel.islamist are very cruel vane hutsinye vanhu ava

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Ko 3K yakazodii, it's no longer on free bouquet 🥺

Avni 1 month ago

Aaн Iѕlaмιc ιѕ noт oυr relιgιon and we alѕo need Cнrιѕтιanιтy cнannel plιz😁😁

Nashy 1 month ago

Like anything to do with our culture, yah

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