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Drunkard Kills Church Pastor Over Misunderstanding At Funeral

Drunkard Kills Church Pastor Over Misunderstanding At Funeral

A Gokwe pastor, Tapiwa Ziyambi (37), was stabbed to death on Sunday after he reprimanded a villager for drinking beer at a funeral church service.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the suspects in the pastor’s murder are Leon Muringi and Pritchard Muringi who are still at large. Police said in a statement on Wednesday:

Police in Gokwe are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Leon Muringi and Pritchard Muringi, both of Njikeni village, Nembudziya, in connection with a case of murder and attempted murder which occurred on May 5 this year in Dzingisai village.

ZRP spokesperson in Midlands Province, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident to NewsDay.

He said Ziyambi, of Dzingisai village under Chief Chireya, died after he was stabbed with a knife in the back allegedly by Pritchard.

He had rebuked Pritchard for drinking beer during the church-led funeral service.

Ziyambi’s two brothers, Tererai (32) and Shepherd (35) were also struck with a machete by Pritchard’s sibling, Leon, and are in serious condition at Gokwe District Hospital. Said Mahoko:

It is alleged that Ziyambi, who was in the company of his two brothers, Tererai (32) and Shepherd (35) of village Dzingisai, headman Chikore under Chief Chireya in Nembudziya, Gokwe, were conducting a church service at a funeral in the village.

According to reports, Ziyambi saw Leon and Pritchard, who were among the mourners, drinking beer and cautioned them. This did not go down well with the suspects.

Mahoko said that after the funeral, the three Ziyambi brothers met the Muringi siblings along a footpath where a confrontation ensued.

Leon allegedly attacked Tererai with a machete, and also stabbed Tapiwa in the back when he tried to intervene. Tapiwa died on the spot.

Leon alleged stabbed Shepherd all over the body with a knife as well.

Tapiwa’s body was ferried to the Gokwe District Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem.

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Dzedzi 1 month ago

vanotiza kusvikepi, achangovamukira vanouya vega

fake n'anga 1 month ago

mufundisi kumukira vanhu?
don't make me laugh
izvozvo hakuna.
mufundisi uyu aakutodya sadza naSt Peter
anodzoka kuno kunodii?

pendi 1 month ago

while we are on issues of suspects at large. how are people supposed to inform the police when they see a suspect. if you go to a police camp he remains changing the place.dont the police have hotlines?

mahobho 1 month ago

call 911, it now works in Zim as an emergency number.


not important 1 month ago

if the government does not intervene on these recent muderes behavior our country will end up like South Africa were the police is afraid to arrest criminals due to monstrous behavior

fake analyst 1 month ago

Every country will have to eventually go through the phase of high crime rates. That's inevitable no matter how much you pray, that's how it should be, and how it's going to be. You look at an old building that's crumbling, if you want to build a better one, then you must first bring down the old one. This means everything will go to sh*t before we start rebuilding and be safe again.
The first phase has already begun, all these murders, robberies, violence by both protesters and protectors of the law.

It's not whether we can stop it, but how we rise up when the dusk settles

😖😖 1 month ago

@babaAsalif..... use your brain Mr man. shame on you uneducated man

Gweta 1 month ago

Statements contradicts themselves.Who stabed Tapiwa, Pritchard or Leon?These murder cases are very sensitive in court kana witness dzikangobabaika inofa yakaloader.

BabaAsalif 1 month ago

ndibaba wako

Asalif 1 month ago

it sounds bad but the pastor seems he over reacted at a funeral you meet different type of friends and relatives of the deceased but if they had taken their beer to church like we do Catholics the body lie in-state at church you can't take your drinks to the temple of god but at home uuuummmm he should have left them do what they were doing

😕 1 month ago


Citizen 1 month ago

What's the purpose of post mortem if it is known kuti aurayiwa nekupondwa

Dr Hercules 1 month ago

You're spot on @Chawabvunza with your explanation re: post-mortem.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

@Citizen, you seem to be portraying ignorance with regards to how the law recognises the "cause of death" of a deceased person. The medical profession does not view murdering somebody with whatever object (knife included) as the cause of death. In view of this, a post-mortem is conducted by doctors in order that the real cause of death is established, which is not necessarily the act of murder itself or the stabbing with a knife in this case. You will never see the cause of death on a deceased person's death certificate written as "stabbed with a knife" or "murdered".

Ver dee 1 month ago

You cant present a murder case in court without a postmotem contacted .

Yellow Mellow 💛 1 month ago

Makorokoza behavior

Daudi 1 month ago

Vanhu tapindwa nemweya rudzii nhy.Munhu imhuka inoera hama dzangu.'Thou shall not kill'.Mutongo muchauwana henyu kudenga

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

MHSRIP, vanhu avo ngavarege kudaro. Kuuraira munhu kutsiurwa💔

fake Pastor 1 month ago

@Chimboti Pizza, a good pastor wouldn't say that to someone at a funeral.
the bible clearly says, 'Give wine to someone who is depressed' (that's not an exact quote, but zviri kuna Proverbs)
he should've let the men mourn in their own way. people suffering a loss are usually on edge, and attacking them in any way is done at one's risk because their emotions are running wild. a mixture of depression, anxiety, aanger and grief. we may say killing is wrong, that's true. but the Pastor provoked a bear who was angel and sad, and all that anger and sadness was then directed to the pastor

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