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Drunk Pedestrian Blamed For Mutare Road Accident

Drunk Pedestrian Blamed For Mutare Road Accident

A drunk pedestrian is being blamed after a fiery bus collision with a fuel tanker that killed five people near Mutare on Christmas Eve.

Police say the driver of a Beta bus was avoiding running over the drunk unidentified man at around 6 PM when he swerved into the opposing lane before crashing into a fuel tanker. Said police in a statement: 

The driver of a Beta Bus Company’s Youtong was travelling towards Mutare, with 63 passengers on board and on approaching the 242 km peg it is claimed that the driver was avoiding a suspected drunk pedestrian resulting in the bus swerving onto the lane of oncoming traffic. As a result, the bus collided with a Freightliner fuel tanker which was travelling in the opposite direction, with one passenger on board.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the fuel tanker exploded and both vehicles were engulfed in flames and burnt to ashes.

Three people died on the spot including the driver of the fuel tanker and his passenger while two others died upon admission at Victoria Chitepo Hospital.

The bodies of the victims were ferried to Victoria Chitepo Hospital, while 60 people who were injured were admitted at the same hospital.

Witnesses described scenes of heroism as dozens of passengers helped each other to escape the burning bus.

The dead were burnt beyond recognition.

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Gumunyu john 6 months ago

Why was the drunken master not identified? maybe it was a spirit of the underworld.

Isaac Mugabe 6 months ago

Driver i think it was better to save more people than one

Chief 6 months ago

Guys why blaming the driver yet the drunkard is not yet identified? I have spotted lots of similar things on the road similar to what this driver came across with. Some people use these tricks to cause accidents. I'll agree with some of you if the drunkard is apprehended otherwise it was an underworld act. If you own a car pls pray bfo you drive because some people are busy setting up traps on the roads


T 6 months ago

The bible says it itself, there's no justification for evil. That one life iyoyo is important as the 65

Two Boy 6 months ago

I respect your judgement. Drivers, when faced with danger, take risks by minimising damage. Let's face it. Assume that the driver had run over this 'Twabam drinker', by now the driver could have been in police custody and possibly facing murder charges. But how many lives lost, property damaged etc...just one guy and prison sentence awaiting the driver.

Compare that to what actually happened! Is your conclusion still the same. The costs are not the same.

Riccardo Murs 6 months ago

Defencive driving principles should been applied here its sad that something that could have been avoided ended uo claiming innocent lives,anyway thats why it is called an accident

Two Boy 6 months ago

...and common sense

Mabogoryera 6 months ago

Hachisi chidhakwa .ndiLucifer aitobva kunopota pota nenyika zvake kukwira nokudzika nayo

adjudicator 6 months ago

Yaah its really easy to blame the driver bt pple dont know hw he struggled in that split of a second to decide and control the bus.y not blame the drunkard. Even if he had run over that stupid drunk man,the driver cld still be sued for capable homicide and living with the fact that yu ran over someone the rest of yo life when yu cld hve avoided it is painful.
To those who did heroic saves like Batawu we say thumbs up.
To those who lost their lives we say may their souls rest in eternal peace.
To those whi lost their beloved ones may the good Lord comfort them.

Manikiniki 6 months ago

The pedestrian was in a drunken state but the bus driver was sober and a holder of defensive certificate. If the blame game starts, the bus driver is to blame for the loss of innocent lives in the fuel tanker and those on the bus. Maybe if we dig even deeper u might be surprised that he doesnt even hold that defensive certificate which is mandatory for public transport drivers.

May their souls rest in peace 6 months ago

Shut up iwe saka kufunga kwako unoti he opted up for the oncoming tanker...aingonzvengawo munhu then tanker robudawo by coincidence

Sajendi Mheja(Rtred) 6 months ago

Defensive driving inoti,go for a soft object than a hard one. The driver could have avoided the accident by just hitting the drunk. However an accident happens in the split of a second that its easier,for us,to make these decisions while sitting on the sofa, than in a real situation. May all the lost souls rest in internal peace while wishing a speedy recovery to the injured survivors.

RIP 6 months ago

i think the driver didn't choose a collision with a tanker instead of one person,i think the tanker appeared before the bus gets back to the rightful lane thereby resulted in collision....there was no tanker when the driver took the avoidance decision.

🤨🤨 6 months ago

Andifunge kti chichanwa doro fti ini chirikuto rohwa nehana so kufamba kwenguva chichawanikwa hacho

JR1 6 months ago

Haa chidhakwa ichi chakauraisa vanhu.dai
drvr akangokunguruka napamusoro condolences to all those who lost their loved ones

Fortune Mubuso 6 months ago

It was better to sacrifice one life than more than 65

Gogodera 6 months ago

Ende chidhakwa ichi chine mweya wakaipa chaiwo

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