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"Drunk" Man Crushed By Train While Sleeping On Railway Tracks

A man suspected to have been drunk was run over by a train in Mount Hampden recently while he was lying on the railway line.

This incident was revealed on Friday by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) through its Twitter page. It said:

A man was killed by a train in Mt Hampden recently while sleeping on the track. It is suspected he was drunk.

NRZ encourages people to exercise extreme caution on railway tracks as such accidents seem to be on the increase.

The NRZ said the train driver sounded the locomotive whistle and applied emergency brakes but the man could not be saved.

Some people who commented believe that the man may have been murdered elsewhere and then his body dumped on the railway tracks so that it will appear as if he was sleeping.

In June this year, an unidentified man died after he was hit by a train near Mbokodo Abattoir in Bulawayo as he was walking on the railway line.

In October 2021, another unidentified man threw himself in front of a moving train and was crushed to death near Cold Comfort in Harare.

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Zuze 1 month ago

Scud and saints is a very dangerous combination yet ccc supporters are heavy drinkers of the combination no wonder why they die horrible deaths

Kule 1 month ago

@zuze muzivi wenzira yeparuware ndiye mufambi wayo

pk 1 month ago

you can say that again zuze

1 month ago

There goes another imbecile who calls himself @pk

1 month ago

@Zuze to say you are a s-c-o-u-n-d-r-e-l is a gross understatement One runs short of words to describe people like you

Kubandura 1 month ago

Let me help you ...he is a clamorous churl. @Zzz

NHUBU 1 month ago

chitimawo futi heyiii

@zuze 1 month ago


unseen yet seen 1 month ago

haaa @ zuze watukwa kwazvo s,c,o,u,n,d,r,e,l na clamorous mazwi ayo akasimba kungoti uri dunderhead haunachaunoziva you should hang yourself


@ zuze 1 month ago


@zuze 1 month ago

Bhozhoi ­čĹÇ­čÖé

twabam 1 month ago

probably he wasn't drunk..maybe he was killed and then dumped in the railway tracks

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Yes Xmas parikufa vanhu
N I support the view that he had been slaughtered by boys

jmp 1 month ago

nexmas ino hre amana

makha 1 month ago

ko ma tecno spark anema tracker here wakomana

Ghetto Boy 1 month ago

@macka Kasi watsarwa phone

Dofo 1 month ago

@Makha even Chero nayo tracker only works after activating it

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