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Doves Suspends 3 Workers Over Empty Coffin Saga

Doves Suspends 3 Workers Over Empty Coffin Saga

Doves Funeral Services has suspended three of its employees as it seeks to get to the bottom of a case in which an empty coffin was presented to a bereaved family in Nyanga.

The actual body of deceased Maxwell Chimwamurombe was eventually buried at Mbudzi Cemetery in Harare some days later.

Doves Funeral Services managing director, Mr Talent Maziwisa told The Herald in an interview that the company had nothing to hide and was prepared to use experts such as scientists and carry out DNA tests to ensure that the truth is laid bare.

He said they had since engaged the concerned family members in Nyanga and traditional leaders in the area in their quest to find closure to the case which occurred in March this year. Said Mr Maziwisa:

As management we have created a committee to investigate. The initial preliminary investigations were not conclusive but made it imperative that we engage the family so that they are aware of the concerns we had picked.

Our view is that the whole process is scientifically done, exhumation, DNAs where necessary so that the late Maxwell is laid to rest. As a company we have nothing to hide. We have done three suspensions to clear the ground for thorough internal investigations. We empathise with the family given what they are going through emotionally.

Reports indicate that relatives and friends of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe gathered in Avilla area, Nyanga in March this year for burial where Doves brought an empty coffin.

Without conducting body viewing due to the prevailing Covid-19 restrictions, the family went on to bury the empty coffin.

Some six months later, the family learnt from sources that Doves had realised the anomaly three days after the burial of an empty coffin, but decided to offer the deceased a pauper’s burial at Mbudzi cemetery without notifying the family.

In a bid to rectify the anomaly, Doves engaged the traditional leaders in Nyanga who fined them a beast and later allowed them to conduct a fresh burial in his area of jurisdiction.

Chief Saunyama, born Victor Saunyama, confirmed engaging Doves Funeral Services.

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Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

Clearly this shows they are experts at destroying evidence and this may not be the first time

Saviour 6 months ago

Harisi basa iri
Marudzi kana vaye vane nhamo/urombo hunonzwisa ngoni ndivo vaiita basa iri

Hakuna anombosvika pa penjeni basa iri

Vanosvika vose pfungwa dzinenge dzave kokayi

Bee 6 months ago

Asi baba vako vakamborishanda ukutaura izvozvo ukwane marudzi kuita sei

Gogodera 6 months ago

Nhai vanhu ngavatye Mwari

Kira... 6 months ago

Harisi basa iri varume vanhu vakawanda vanoita basa iri vanopedzesera vaku mhanya pfungwa imwe smart yacho yavanoita haisi yega ndeye mweya


Madala Banda 6 months ago

Asi inorapa kani kkkk kkkkkk..hazvakaoma Mwari ngavapindire nyika yaora iyi

Kanda 6 months ago

Inoshandiswa in business especially vemisika and shops mudano handit munhu afa anounganigwa even newaaisataura naye parufu anouya chete

Kanda 6 months ago

Chero mvura inogeza zvitunha ndoyavaitisa Mari especially workers

Chobi" 6 months ago

Mwari huyai vanhu vaya vatangaa....

Kanda 6 months ago

Inokushiwa bhero momhanya kunotenga

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

I suspect ritualism for some body parts..Doves should be suspended until the air is cleared...

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Taura hako zvi company izvi zvaita Mari PA Covid kunyanya chimwe chacho chiya chiya ...

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