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Doves "Empty Coffin Saga" Driver Fired


The Doves Funeral Services driver involved in the Nyanga empty coffin scandal, Sam Chitsike, was fired on 31 December on allegations of negligence of duty, a report claims.

When contacted for a comment by H-Metro, Doves Holdings group public relations manager, Innocent Tshuma, said full details would be provided after police investigations are completed. Said Tshuma:

I am not in any position to comment on any development at the moment. As we said, we are letting the police do their work and we all make sure this issue is put to bed.

Doves came under scrutiny last year after it gave the relatives of the deceased Maxwell Chimwamurombe an empty coffin for burial.

The body was allegedly kept in a morgue for six months, between March and August last year, long after the coffin supposedly containing Chimwamurombe’s remains had been buried in Nyanga’s Matoropoto Village.

The body was later given a pauper’s burial, at Granville Cemetery.

Chitsike is being accused of concealing the mix-up and later notifying the Chimwamurombe family of the alleged faulty burial.

He, however, claimed that he was merely a transporter and the fault was with the morticians.

Chitsike said he had collected the body from Parirenyatwa, together with two plastic bags, which contained the deceased’s belongings.

Meanwhile, the body was later exhumed from Granville Cemetery for reburial.

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Uhuru 4 months ago

Driver adii hake

MaFyt 4 months ago

@Mboko pinza yako iya tione ika kwana apa haaaaa apa washaya kuti wochema sei anyway "ndakuto tyira chuweti chemukadzi wako kuti chabva kusvasvangwa nekutetenwa nana papa this & that chicha raswa sema rasirwo akaitwa mwana wekwa Chimwamurombe neteam ye@Doves

Mr Carlson 4 months ago

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Vladimir 4 months ago

I think it's better you find WhatsApp groups for those areas you want and ask if there is a place to rent

😴 4 months ago

I think he decided to notify them secretly atoona kuti his bosses were purposefully trying to keep it a closely guarded company secret. But munhu munhu ka haangovigwi fanika imbwaka unless iri nguva yehondo yekuti tingati ngatichingochera tifushire tisasvikirwe nemhandu.
Chitsike was right and he will get another job at a bigger company NYARADZO SAHWIRA MUKURU😌
Doves hachisi chinhu.

For the ones you love 4 months ago

Doves owes us its clients a full explanation of what actually transpired.Why victimize the driver?

Man of the moment 4 months ago

It was difficult for Chitsike to keep Quiet or even him to be haunted by late's Spirit zviri mu culture hedu izvozvo akatobatsira clan yake yaizopera uyu akupfuka mind you. Now about Basa don't worry uchavana rimwe panext Parlor apo send in your CV's Monday

God bless Chitsike ⚪


Mdara Odza 4 months ago

Someone had to be scapegoated and in this case it's the driver, Mr sam Chitsike. It takes combined efforts of more than one person to mix up a corpse and the Nicodemusly burying it at a local cemetery. Maybe Chitsike's fault is notify the Chimwamurombe family about the mix up.

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