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Doves Burial Saga: Whistle-blower Fired

Doves Burial Saga: Whistle-blower Fired

Doves Funeral Services (Doves) has fired its hearse driver, the whistle-blower, Sam Chitsike, on allegations of failing to do due diligence after learning that he had carried an empty coffin for burial to Nyanga.

The burial mix up saga made headlines late last year after the top parlour gave a Nyanga family an empty coffin before burying his body in the same coffin with a beggar.

Chitsike claims his former employer now accuses him of concealing the mix-up. He said in a live recording streamed on social media:

They are blaming me for keeping the secret. They said why didn’t you tell your supervisor immediately after learning what had happened.

Chitsike who was dismissed on December 31 last year said he had told his superior, who is now denying it because it is being treated as an offence and can eventually end in criminal litigation.

Doves is accused of burying Maxwell Chimwamurombe’s body in the same coffin as a pauper in Harare, after realising its mistake.

It is alleged that this was done to conceal the mix-up, but conscience prompted Chitsike, who had driven the empty coffin to disclose the issue to the family. Chitsike added:

I don’t know what I did wrong. My family is now starving and I’m asking if you can help me to go back to work so that I can look after my family.

I committed no offence and these are allegations which are just being created so that I leave the company.

Chitsike who joined Doves as a security guard 12 years ago said his role was simply to ferry the body to its rural home in Nyanga adding that morticians prepared the body and the coffin.

He also said he never noticed that there was something amiss throughout the process until he was alerted by his colleagues soon after the burial prompting him to approach his superiors who told him to keep it a secret.

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🧐 7 months ago

That's what happens muno. The majority of whistle blowers are victimized zvongopera zvakadaro. If you report kune organization iye inofanirwa kubatsira panyaya dzakadai, which makes a lot of noise in the media, zvinotoita worse. Ma investigators acho kana aitwa bribed anenge ave kutoita take take newe vachibatsirana nema former boss ako ayo. Chitongozvitsvagira rimwe basa hako wena usati wasvibiswa zita rako because mamwe mapepanhau anogona kuzoitwa bribed kuti vanyore manyepo nezvako to further tarnish your good name. So sorry. I witnessed that happening to a good friend of mine,so I know what I am talking about.

Nyore 7 months ago

Justice iriko kudenga chete so long uripasi pezuva usapedze nguva yako kuda kuzama kutsvaga kuzvichenesa or kunzi hauna mhosva..jus pray to your soul provider he has a lot for u..Doves yatove history move on be a real true son of yo real true father..let God decide n I tell u he will provide for that family have faith sry but be strong🔥🔥🔥

TMT 7 months ago

True that

Unvanquishable 7 months ago

Amen powerful...

Ini zvangu 7 months ago


T 7 months ago


Unifier General 7 months ago

So sad but rarisiri rako basa iroro....pray without ceasing God will intervene,,,,

Unvanquishable 7 months ago

True God will do what He alone can do have faith panobudika apa ndiyo inonzi miyedzo kuda kukuwisira pasi simuka nesimba...

Elyse2 7 months ago

It is I have been fired after a disciplinary hearing, you will need to appeal to your hr department so that you can give all the evidence you can gather now inorder to prove that you did your part.If you lose the appeal you then need to approach the labour court.Please note that you are own your own alone, you will need to gather a lot of evidence.Try to recall what exactly happened, if you made calls you will need to approach the service provider to provide the conservation on that particular job.
After all iro remabond ireri here, huya tikupe kombi upinde pamushikashika


Adv slamey 7 months ago

A ladder contains steps which ranges from the bottom and to the top, for you to reach to the top you use your foot and hands whilst grasping the ladder steps each step you make hold on to the ladder focusing at where you want to reach. Ladder ngarive hupenyu hwako ma steps auchatora ngaaveunamato wako ,pauchatsika ngapave iri support ne ruvimbo rwako muna iye musiki pachake, pauchasvika paunenge wakatarisa ndivo Ivo musiki pachavo vachakuzarurira basa rauno shuvira kuti uriritire mhuri yako, pamwe hauna chokubata ,rent irikudiwa, chikoro chirikuda kuendwa pavana. Mwari anokuzarurira rember waive guard ukava driver and I believe kuti there is a calling for you, sevataurwa navamwe vanyori pa comments please just pray and don't lose hope. God loves you

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