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Douglas Mwonzora Is Destroying MDC-T, Says Mudzuri

Douglas Mwonzora Is Destroying MDC-T, Says Mudzuri

Former MDC-T vice president Elias Mudzuri has said the party president Douglas Mwonzora was destroying the party by firing members over petty issues.

The MDC-T National Council recently suspended Mudzuri together with six other party leaders for “indiscipline”.

The other officials who were suspended are provincial chairpersons Gift Konjana (Mashonaland West), John Nyika (Masvingo) Den Moyo (USA Province) Edwin Dzambara (Secretary for Education), and Edwin Kakora (national executive member).

In an interview with TellZim News Mudzuri said he was yet to receive communication on his suspension.

He said he only heard about the suspension from other members of the party who were in the meeting that resolved to suspend him. Mudzuri added:

Mwonzora is destroying the party with his actions. The party needs people for the 2023 elections but he is busy suspending; how is it going to stand a chance against ZANU PF?

Mudzuri, on his official Twitter account, claimed that the party had resolved to fire him for telling leaders that leadership should be chosen from grassroots structures. He wrote:

I am reliably informed that today (January 21, 2023) the illegitimate MDC National Council will expel me from the party.

How can a founder member be expelled for insisting that leaders must always be chosen by the base structures & not the elite & for merely chatting with customers at Duriro Bar?

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Fari 2 weeks ago

MDC yaenda iyi, Mudzuru dai uri mumwe wangouya kune vamwe

2 weeks ago


neri 2 weeks ago


Ex MDC Alliance 2 weeks ago

Stop taking this Mwonzora guy serious.

🙉✔️🙊🙉✔️🙊 2 weeks ago

Aa Inga kungoitawo yenyu MDC bho

Ex MDC Alliance 2 weeks ago

Am now a CCC

Musa 2 weeks ago

Mr Mudzuri yu free now to join us ku CCC or kuZANHU PF thank yuu

YWNWA 2 weeks ago

Mwonzora is a 🤡 actually can a normal person follow such people in life I wonder

pk 2 weeks ago

point of correction mr mu. su. ri. - Its Zanu pf destroying mdc not mwonzora.


Jimmy 2 weeks ago

It's good to maintain discipline by whipping members into line, but the timing is not right

g 2 weeks ago

mudzuri dug his political grave when he teamed up with loosers instead of following the masses. Busy looting and being bought by worthless rtgs from the political parties finance act which you were not entitled to. Dira rizare zvako paDuriro ipapo your day of reckoning has come

2 weeks ago


S̸i̸yoyo 2 weeks ago

MDC-T yakafa kare same time with Mr Tsangirai, there is no need to blame Mwonzora because he's a comedian not a political leader, that mudzuri also must follow others not to complain about his crazy brother Douglas

I love my Country 2 weeks ago

Zimbabwean opposition parties have entitlement issues, it started with chamisa right after Tsvangirai died. It was wrong to grab the seat like that which according to the mdc constitution was a flawed move. I bet none of all these opposition party leaders will never rule Zimbabwe, including Chamisa.

Vesto 2 weeks ago

@I love my country, you have made a couple of minor errors. First you mention "opposition parties", leaving out the major culprit ZANU. Which apart from bâstardising its own constitution went on to dethrone Mugabe via a coup d'etat.

Secondly you have given yourself cognitive powers beyond your ability. Only God, the Almighty knows what's going to happen in the future. So you aren't a clairvoyant to say with authority, "... none of these opposition party leaders will ever rule Zimbabwe..."

Thank you

Biden 2 weeks ago

The problem in Zimbabwe is everyone wants to be a a leader they don't want to, be lead that's why they are so many political parties as well as splits for such a small country we just need less than five political parties, just put a million us dollars for a presidential candidate

Vesto 2 weeks ago

@Biden, you are promoting autocracy and dictatorship. The Constitutional allows freedom of Association. Any and every citizen has a right to vote and equally has the right to be voted for. Even if he can muster 1 vote (his own).

By prescribing 5 or less parties, you are dictating to citizens and limiting their choices. Undemocratic and dictatorial.

@I love my country 2 weeks ago

Shandisa chishona chirungu chinenge chinokunzvengai comrade Shona inobvumidzwa zvayo pa Pindula yemahara iyi

2 weeks ago

Kkkkkk Ndatoshayawo kuti arikuda kuti chii @I love my country

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Is MDC-T a party or a person's name🙄?

Mhanduwe 2 weeks ago

MDC will never rule this country. Mwonzorewa is just fulfilling the prophesy .

mira nditaure 2 weeks ago

VamuDzuri iskukuviri so vaakudzimbikana manje kuti zvavarohwa zebra kiss na Duggy through national council yavo MDC T yafa, kwete Mdc T yagara yakafa dzangovawo nharo nekuti kuhukura kwembwa hanzi ndinziwo ndinoruma, mese imi vanyakudzurwa VaMudzuri makazvi destoyer moga maakuti nyangadza imi musina kana support , even vakadzi venyu havakuvhoterei, join mamwe mapato for the better , otherwise imi hamumiri kana na Daniel Chingoma chaiye

Herculean 2 weeks ago

There is nothing to destroy MDC was destroyed a long time ago

ccc 2 weeks ago

ngadzinge tosangana paerection

mdc 2 weeks ago

mdc t mudzuri

mdc t ko michi 2 weeks ago

mdc mwonzora mdc mudzuri mdc komichi mdc norest marara

mdc alliance 1 week ago

that's a zanu strategy of destroying first it was Nero vs khupe second khupe vs mdc t congress then Doug won thirdly fmwonzora vs mudzuri who is next I predict Mr Cup

ngwerai 1 week ago

makadzinga mwana muchida zvigaro hezvo CCCchete chete

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