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'Don't Take People For Granted', Magaisa Warns CCC Leaders

'Don't Take People For Granted', Magaisa Warns CCC Leaders

United Kingdom-based Zimbabwe constitutional law expert and political analyst Alex Magaisa has urged the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change national leadership not to take citizens for granted but communicate clearly to prevent uncertainty, confusion and panic.

This comes after CCC vice president Welshman Ncube was pictured with former MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe and former MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe seemingly emerging from a meeting.

The picture has been circulating on social media platforms since Tuesday, prompting some opposition political activists to speculate that the three could be working together, having been senior members of the original MDC at the turn of the Millenium.

CCC, however, said Ncube, Khupe and Bhebhe’s meeting was a private meeting that had nothing to do with the party’s programmes.

In a Twitter thread, Magaisa, a Kent University law professor and former advisor to a Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, said CCC leaders risk can derail the movement if they lose focus and make mistakes. Pindula News publishes Magaisa’s post below:

1. The bond of trust between political elites in the cockpit and the passengers is very important. It is fragile and must be handled with care. People don’t want to be taken for granted or to have their emotions on a merry-go-round. Explain your movements.

2. True, sometimes those in the cockpit must make tough decisions as they steer the plane. But communication with the passengers remains important, lest there’s uncertainty, confusion and panic. Lack of communication or half messages lead to speculation which is equally unhelpful.

3. When you make important decisions, explain to the people what’s going on and why. People want to believe their leaders have the wisdom to make the right decisions. But don’t leave in a position where they must speculate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

4. The CCC has the ball at its feet & everyone wants it. That’s why there’s a flurry of propaganda & other destabilisation efforts from the regime. But the Yellow Train is moving. The only people that can derail it are the leaders of the CCC if they lose focus & make mistakes.

5. Whatever decisions they take, they must be smart, well thought out & well-timed. An otherwise good decision made at the wrong time can have terrible consequences. But above all, don’t keep your people in the dark. Communicate with them. Show them some respect.

6. If you see your people speculating too much or asking “What’s going on here?” it suggests you’re not communicating well with them. It’s not a good habit. Keep your people onside by communicating well with them. If it’s good news they will support you. If not, hear them out.

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ABC 5 months ago

Ncube should come out clean this constituency

Wamambo90 5 months ago

Well spoken my all time law expert

Chamukwenjere 5 months ago

Truly speaking ngavagare vataura chokwadi kuvanhu

Ginious 5 months ago

Vange vabika manhanga Zvakanaka zvino Vim yavakudira iyo mmmmm,ndikuona varakashwa nevarakashi

5 months ago

jolaz 5 months ago

ncube akamboita party yake yainzi mdc paya.hazvisina order kana zvakudai futi.

Sir Zimbabwe 4 months ago

@MuGrade 2 who told you about it, CCC is not a coalition as you think about it.

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

He still has it... remember,CCC is a coalition not a real party...

Patriotic One 5 months ago

We are tired of these zvimisunganidzwa, ndipo panopinda pongwe ipapo


Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

CONFUSED COCKROACHES COALITION. How can you associate with the one who destroyed you? Munokanganwa chazuro nehope handiti

Vax 5 months ago

Mkadzi wavhiringa pfungwa dzevakawanda uyu ane mushonga here?,kunaka kwaakaita here? Chiiko?gore Riya naObert Gutu,gore Riya nevaya vakainda vose kucyclone Idai ,Paya vakazorohwa pamuchato vachinzi makokwa nani? Paye naDougie vachironga kuuraya Alliance vakaiparadza zvechokwadi ,zvino zvamave kuisa mhandu padyo Iwo mavanga achiri manyoro ndiko kukanganwa chazuro nehope kwacho here?zivai kuti chinhu chamakaumba ichi chinozi CCC vavengi vari kutsvaka kut VOCHIPARADZA sei.

Hezvoko 5 months ago

Thokozani is pariah at the moment..very bad news chaidzo. stay away from her please

Tkt 5 months ago

Greetings Comrades

this story seems to have a lot of interests in it, handinawo remuromo but what i know is that,

ccc icha rakashwa both ends
ccc icha svasvangwa come rain come thunder
ccc icha rikitwa seri neseri
ccc haina hupenyu hunosvika kure chinhu chazvarwa nehasha ichi

- zvakafanana nekuita chipfimbe pfimbe nekuti murume ahura; dzikamai amai munongo wana isu vana,Tkt naMboko taka rodza mapanga tongo dya muchi darika mofanana hunhu newawa ramba

HOWEVER, i wish you all good health in the aftermath

5 months ago

Ninjamn 5 months ago

B 4 we are going farther away why can't we just wait for the president of CCC to speak about the picture of three stupid people.

Sponono 5 months ago

CCC leadership have a big decision to make on Welshman Ncube. This notorious man must be summoned to a disciplinary hearing - to explain his political relationship with Khupe. At the end of the day, appropriate action has to be taken against the sellout. To me, Ncube's expulsion from the party is the only way to go. #CCC #NHM #YELLOWBUS

5 months ago

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 5 months ago

Haaa ichi Chinhu Chichaora Chete ichi. Soooo. Haaaa zvakaoma hazvo KAKINGSTONE is here to stay for sure.

. 5 months ago

Dakozanu kupe vanomudii ko vashaya vanhu vekuita meeting navo here

Mdidi weVarakashi 5 months ago

CCC chikara cheZanu. Zanu ichabhocha gore rino.

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