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"Don't Look For Me", Teen (13) Disappears After Writing "Goodbye" Note

A family from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb is looking for their 13-year-old who was last seen on 28 April.

Lawrence Moyo, a Form One pupil at David Livingstone was last seen at around 6:30 pm. He was wearing a green T-Shirt, blue jeans, and slippers.

Lawrence reportedly left a written note to his family which his father, Ellison Moyo found after the boy had left their Emganwini home (4061). The note reads:

Dear Mama and Daddy. First of all, I would like to thank you guys for everything you have done for me. I don’t really know how to thank you.

In my life, I’ve never made you guys proud of me but I tried my best, still, it was impossible so I have decided to get out of your lives.

You’ve been a wonderful family to me but I was not a good son, good brother or good human being. I feel like I have been a burden in your life.

I’m going somewhere far away from you guys because I don’t feel good about all I have done.

Please don’t look for me because you will never find me.

Anyone with information on Lawrence’s current whereabouts was asked to call Ellison Moyo on 0776031505.

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samb a 1 week ago

this child was neglected by the parents children don't his do things on their own ...this one is still a teenager and not an adult ....he lacks proper discipline lover attention checking up and being treated fairly he is still a teen ...araent must have overreacted to his misdemeanors but that do t mean they should have turned a blind eye ...their way of discipline must have upset him and prompted him to leave .... from the letter he does r not seem far of from being a good citizen ...h lacked direction love attention checking up on him and moderate discipline parents have a responsibility which many of us parents neglect thha t of being involved in the child's life jus checking up on him and giving him tips on choosing friends ...being courteous...hat is good bbehaviour...we leavee this prerogative to teachers and society. which somehow needs sanctioning coz not all good advice is good not...eaching a child right conduct is a lot of work but is a necessary part if growing up . I doubt the e parents have care for their child they might even be having problems between them ...hence it is safe to say that...the child was not being heard enough and had to take mattaers into his own hands

Asalif 1 week ago

I sense that one of the parents is not biological to the child

Lawrence's father 1 week ago

Don't come back again to our lives . You are such a shame to our family. l was about to do a DNA test l didn't think you are my blood.. Uri mwana wa someone from some where its good you gone .

Ngwendeza 1 week ago

Aya ndiwo ma1 chaiwo i think vabereki avo vai abuser mufana uyo....Saka mufana akatoona hake kuti kudhululuka kuri nani

Ngwendeza 1 week ago

Aya ndiwo ma1 chaiwo i think vabereki avo vai abuser mufana uyo....Saka mufana akatoona hake kuti kudhululuka kuri nani

Sammy 1 week ago

mupfana anozvimbirwa nesadza zvakashata uyu


tha_data_ninja 1 week ago

hope kid's still alive. but srsly apa akafarisa no cap

Night xul Graduate 1 week ago

Time will tell.Who knows maybe this note was written by people who kidnapped him.

Gaffer ✪ω✪ 1 week ago

I agree with you. The depth of the sense in the goodbye letter leaves a lot of question considering the age of the boy in question.

Ribvungu 2 weeks ago

one of the symptoms of guka. karikumadrug cartel bases.

mama Bee 2 weeks ago

kwedu Kune same case seiyoyi.Mai ku abuser mwana akatiza. kumwe hakusi kuranga mwanakomana oita housemaid nekutsvaira mu bedroom mawarara hre. mmmmm ityai Mwari vabereki

Hongu 2 weeks ago

From the letter, the boy admits that his family has all but been wonderful. he seems to be confessing that he has not behaved well as was expected by his family. parents can not be blamed in this case. lets pray that he is found alive. this structure of this letter is a little bit high for a form 1 kid, lets hope there are no older boys and bad adults involved

gogodera 2 weeks ago

ndichikura vanin,ina vangu vakatiza pamba nekuda kwechechi kungogara uchiti handei kuchechi apa checking dzocho ndodzine maitiro asingaite zvimwe zvacho zvinokodzresa kuti vana vapanduke

ghetto yut 2 weeks ago

taurai nevana zvakanaka ndapota hangu

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Every child deserves attention and affection, this child wasnt appreciated nomatter how much he tried, He only wanted his parents to say "well done my boy" .. He tried from every corner, his efforts were fruitless. He decided to take off the burden from his parents, faraway, maybe he will be appreciated there... hopefully he didnt commit suicide because he seems to be in a deep depression

KAVHIN the Syre 2 weeks ago

That's true brethren

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 weeks ago

True. I hope he's still alive

ZELESKYN 2 weeks ago

l hope haana kuuya kuno kuUkraine 🙆

Sammy 1 week ago

😂😂muri kuitey kuUkraine

Addy 2 weeks ago

hope he is still alive

15 yr old 2 weeks ago

madhara anopedzera hasha patiri,voti rova zviri excessive unotofunga pamwe handidiwe pano.
I pray achawanikwa.

g 2 weeks ago

mwana anorangwa. vese varikuti abuse hapana. adolescent behavior inoda kungwarirwa. kana asiri mustreet achiita madrugs akazviuraya. but cause iri yemadrugs. from the statement mwana uyu inhubu. dira rizare hako sahwira

BUOY 2 weeks ago

hmmmm ma1 aya

parents lets treat out kids zvakanaka .
Mwana ngaarohwe zvirinani then say no to verbal abuse.
pane kamwe kamutukiro kanozomboita vabereki kekuti unofunga kuti asi ndikuvanetsa kani pano kana kuti havasi kunakirwa neni.

passion 2 weeks ago

true 😐

ah 2 weeks ago


🔥🔥🔥🔥 2 weeks ago

Marwadzo kune munhu wese anonzi mubereki

Biden 2 weeks ago

Age yacho ka mwari pindirai 🙏🙏,

cute 2 weeks ago

anogona kunge akajamba boarder or kuzviuraya

gogodera 2 weeks ago

chivanhu wangu akatozoitwa kubatwa mtown anenge achida kupita mutoriro nekuita zvakaipa

parasite 2 weeks ago

He has made his own bed so he should lie on it

Joe Brownn 2 weeks ago

haa shame

mancube 2 weeks ago

mmm its so saddening.i hope he is alive

form 1 2 weeks ago

yaaa zvinodhaka

The King of Serpents 2 weeks ago

Parents let's all be careful how we treat our children. We must treat them equally and with love, and also realize that they are different and never put unreasonable expectations on them. May this boy be safely found.

ZELESKYN 2 weeks ago

Ummmmm mutoriro chete,

bvanyangu 2 weeks ago

abuse is an easy-to-use modern term often misused where a parent tries to discipline his or her child.
drug abuse by children, especially due to peer influences, can cause a child to rebuke or even reject their parents to seek that imagined freedom. at 13 thats when these children are at a critical transformation in their lives and have to be handled with extreme care.
chivanhu/isintu can also be at play, we can only hope the child is found sooner than later and counseling for both child and parent carried out.

The King of Serpents 2 weeks ago

@Bright..... taura hako i abuse chete

Bright 2 weeks ago

Maya vaimu abusa avo not mutoriro kune vanourova vanodii kutiza pamba

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