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"Don't Ever Attempt To Leave, It’s Cold Out There" - Mnangagwa Tells ZANU PF Members

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned ZANU PF members against leaving the party as that will likely mark the end of their political careers.

He made the remarks while addressing a rally in Epworth at the weekend when he was launching the party’s campaign for the March 26 by-elections. He said:

 I am aware that we have by-elections coming up and during the provincial elections, we got reports that they were chaotic. Conflicts are accepted in the party but if a candidate wins, we must all embrace the result and rally behind them,” he said.

We do not want thieves. I am told some of the candidates ran away with ballot papers during primary elections. If you are the one who disappeared with ballot papers, let it be the last time. Zanu PF loves peace.

You must follow the laws that are in the party. Respect the laws of the party.  Do not join the opposition. Do not ever attempt to leave. It’s cold out there.

Mnangagwa blamed the lack of development in the country on corruption during the reign of the late former President Robert Mugabe’s era. He said:

I sometimes question where money meant for development went during the First Republic, but I’m quick to put myself to order (keep quiet) as I was also part of the old regime.

Political analyst Eldred Masunungure said: “Assuming it was not a miss of the tongue, that is staggeringly shocking and yet unwittingly true, especially from a regime that consistently seeks to distance itself in word and deed from the so-called first republic.

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