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Don't Assist Cyber Criminals, Hackers, Consider These Tips

Don't Assist Cyber Criminals, Hackers, Consider These Tips

Tom Muleya, a Detective Assistant Inspector working under the CID Commercial Crimes Division and also a member of the National Cyber Security Taskforce, Zimbabwe has listed measures that members of the public can take to protect themselves in cyberspace.

Muleya says human beings are the weakest link as they ignorantly aid the fraudsters to con them.

Don’t aid or assist cyber criminals, consider the following tips:

1). Take responsibility; carefully and intelligently use social media platforms to best advantage to avoid being scammed.

2). Always do or conduct cyber due diligence when conducting business on social media.

3). Not follow unsolicited and unfamiliar sites.

4). Not expose or share any confidential information or personal data on social media such bank details and PIN.

5). Ensure that your cellphone or computer is always locked when not in use to prevent unauthorised access.

6). Use strong password on your social media accounts which cannot be easily guessed, that is made up of a combination of numbers and characters preferably a long password, yet easy to remember.

7). Avoid as much as possible dating someone on social media, as in most cases this ends in someone being duped.

8). Avoid wantonly clicking on social media as this increases chances of clicking on wrong or fraudulent links.

9). Avoid following anything that is too good to be true on social media platforms.

10). Quickly delete any spam messages.

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