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Doctors, Nurses' Strike Paralyses Major Hospitals

Doctors, Nurses' Strike Paralyses Major Hospitals

The strike by healthcare workers entered its third day on Wednesday at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare, with critically-ill patients being turned away.

In Bulawayo, nurses reportedly embarked on a go-slow and turned up for work, but were not performing any duties.

Healthcare workers downed tools on Monday in protest over poor working conditions. They are demanding United States dollar salaries.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) president Enock Dongo said doctors and nurses in most parts of the country had joined the strike. Dongo said:

Nurses from different parts of the country joined the strike just like other employees because the salary negotiations have been ongoing for more than 14 months but are yielding nothing.

The leader of government business in Parliament, Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, on Wednesday, told parliamentarians in the National Assembly that negotiations for a salary review for civil servants are ongoing.

Ziyambi, however, insisted that the Government will not determine salaries in US dollars but put in place measures to stabilise the Zimbabwe dollar. He said:

Government is still in a negotiation process with health workers on the issue of salary increases.

An offer was tabled to the Apex Council and negotiations are continuing.

The health workers were advised that the process is ongoing and they must wait until the conclusion of that process.

It’s not very correct that the majority of them are on strike; it’s only the few who were on strike while a majority are at work and they have been advised that negations for salary increases are ongoing and, therefore, they must go back to work.

Our currency is the Zimbabwe dollar, and we are working towards removing whatever is causing our currency to decline.

We cannot, and we will not determine salaries in US dollars. We will never go to a scenario where we will peg salaries in US dollars.

Last week, civil servants rejected an offer by the government to increase their salaries by 100% which would have seen the lowest-paid worker taking home ZWL$36 000.

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Tkt 1 day ago

I liked one thing from the Minister's response there: "negotiations are ongoing and employees must wait for the completion of the process"
Personally I think the best way this process may be completed may only be driven by the continued strike by employees

Rambai makadzvanya vakomana nevasikana, teachers follow suit, nemiwo police find ways to strike

Dhuterere 1 day ago

va@tkt hamuna Divi semunhu wasura most of the time you will be sidelining Zanu pf pano apa ndokupenga ikoko

🗣️ Voiceless 2 days ago

Zim is something else thousand dollars rtgs is nothing, with 36000 you can't buy anything at all.

Observer 2 days ago

The funny part is the government is pegging its services in US$ and not the ZW$

Chawabvunza 2 days ago

All civil servants are not ****. Government can not always cheat them by prolonging salary Governmen negotiations each time it engages its workers in that process. Government must handle this work stoppage with kid gloves because it can push out these nurses to diaspora. These few doctors and nurses had shown their commitment, dedication and patriotism to Zimbabwe.






Asalif 2 days ago

Adding salt to wounds, the hospitals don't have medical supplies and equipment now it's service delivery constraints because of the strikes gone were days when nursing staff and doctors will just go to work kunoita nyaya zvavo the whole day turning patients back home

Madzibaba Vembiya 2 days ago

Vasina medical aid svikai kumasowe muwane zambuko

madzimayi Rachero 2 days ago


Marima Nzara 2 days ago

Mkanya Tafirenyika was always prophetic. His songs & messages were God inspired. We have the land but we are abjectly pauperized. We have gold & diamonds & all the fruits are now in the hands of ED, Scott Sakupwanya and the terrible twins. Kana Mari yavawandira vakutipa 10kg of expired mealie meal nekagumbeze. Zanu so musadarooo.

nzara tadzwa 2 days ago

vana vedu vapfidza

parasite 2 days ago

its full of ****

Ed 2 days ago

38k rtgs ha ngazviende

💀 2 days ago

This gvt lack something tht is tangible just to motivate its people to vote for them but 2023 mukomana ariku tora chimuti register to vote CCC

Da Truth 2 days ago

CCC gaining ground .You can rig elections but not the economy kkkkkkkk panodiwa mariii chaiyo inotenga kwete pweterepwetere sunctions , sunctions pay ma sunctions futii iweeeee booooooom pa Zim 🆘🇿🇼☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 2 days ago

dirai rizare comrade

💔 2 days ago

I dont blame health workers what is this gvt expecting from docs and nurses when giving them peanuts. incane imali le

🤣 2 days ago

this rtgs is losing value everyday how can you pay a doctor ngemali engakwani even imbuzi nje.
this gvt is failing

.. 2 days ago

They must wait until when???

Secretary 2 days ago

14 months now still negotiating...

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