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Doctor Who Cried At ZANU PF Rally Stabbed In South Africa

Doctor Who Cried At ZANU PF Rally Stabbed In South Africa

A Zimbabwean doctor who wept at a ZANU PF rally while praising President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he nearly died after he was stabbed in January this year.

The doctor, Patrick Mugoni, on Tuesday said he was stabbed with a knife in his abdomen and had to undergo multiple surgeries.

The attack is believed to have happened in South Africa where Mugoni now works despite claiming in 2018 that ZimbabweÔÇÖs public healthcare workers were privileged. Posting on Twitter, Mugoni said:

On January 9, 2022, I was attacked and sustained abdomino thoraco stab wounds after which I went through multiple surgeries.

I have suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), it feels like the experience is a part of me, that I am bound to it and will be affected by its power forever.

However, thanks to the latest neuroscience, coupled with ancient ideas and methods, and following weeks of deliberate practise to unlock the psychological chains which bind me to my past I am finally winning the fight, thanks to the unrelenting efforts from the competent multidisciplinary team that has been attending to the task.

When I look at my life I am a living testimony. God is great, he has been faithful to me.

I will, in due time, share the details of the events leading to and the attack itself.

Currently, I am unable to because the matter is before the courts.

In May 2018, Mugoni, who was the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), attended a ZANU PF conference in Gweru.

While addressing the delegates, he thanked Mnangagwa for a salary increment but then broke down and failed to finish his speech.

In 2020, Mugoni left his job in the public sector and joined thousands of doctors and nurses who have moved abroad. He now works in Pretoria, South Africa.

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Pumura Ordh Pumura 1 month ago

So the well remunerated Doctor has skipped the land of milk and honey?
He actually left a well remunerated vocation in this kwandiri?

Hauzive here kuti Dhoktaz are skirridhi rebharazi?
Pasi nemhanduuuuuu!!!

Chen 1 month ago

99 percent of civil servants ifadza mutengi wedoro, and 99.9 percent don't want to hear anything abt murungu vavoo. Doc akazongoona kuti hapana hapana mhuri haidye kufadza mutengi wedoro akarova pasi.

inini 1 month ago

asi ariku training yeudhokotera?

Mutadza 1 month ago

Asi banga racho raiva gwese kusauraya


Blue 1 month ago

Saka im stuck in this life

Sisonke 1 month ago

Blue we are stuck together,hapana kwaunoenda.Ukuda kusiira Ani zanupf

President Mwonzora 1 month ago

All I've ever wanted wanted was dialogue.Fellow Zimbabweans rally behind cause the future is bright

Blue 1 month ago

Marimba. Meet me

tsonzo 1 month ago

urip ndikushandise for rituals
pliz help me

jinx 1 month ago

pane riye rinoti touraya mhuka dzodyiwa riye.roti zvakare hatidye chimukuyu.iwe kana wawana anokudya mupe akuuraye

JARAVAZA 1 month ago

Benzi, rinopfeka hembe. Ungachemere kiti mnangagwa akanaka? Uri benzi rinotyisa iwe. Vakakubaya dai vakakumwisa weti yako pamwe waipengenukawo pfungwa. Zvimaziso zvakashata, benzi

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

akachemedzwa nekunyara nhema dzaibuda mukanwa make

Nurse achadara ku Zimbabwe 1 month ago

Ko nhai manga matotiza huchi kwakakuchemedzai muchienda mhiri seiko nhai vakuru.... Makatisiya munhano tega seiko

jinx 1 month ago

usafa hako wangu next year une uri pamachena

Remember this 1 month ago

Mat 5:21 "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not murder,' and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgme

the murder as suicide is one and the same

never practice it because you will surely face judgement

Blue 1 month ago

Asking honestly, is there a bible verse that prohibits suicide?

no to suicide 1 month ago

munhu anofa nengova yamwari
zvinhu ukafa nenguva yako unonankepi

JC Form IV 1 month ago

@Blue, go ahead and kill yourself.
We could do with one less imbecile

life 1 month ago

In the Old Testerment God put a Law to hang to hang a culprit. Whoever was hanged was said to be cursed. Deut 21:23
Because of sins the whole world is under the curse. Jesus Christ became the the cursed man ( for it is written " cursed is the one who hanges on a tree" Jesus was hanged on a tree to redeem mankind from their sins.

Galatians 3:13
[13]Christ has redeemed us out of the curse of the law, having become a curse for us, (for it is written, Cursed is every one hanged upon a tree,)
in other words whoever hang himself either by poisoning his self you fall under a curse of which you becomes a candidate for hell for you dies under a curse
Follow me on

tongwai 1 month ago

pama commandments...tinonzi usauraya....suicide is killing one's self wc is prohibited

Blue 1 month ago

Please do. Might be the only thing that can stop me

Harishaike 1 month ago

Harishaike,chimbomira wakadaro usati wazviuraya ndikutsvagire

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