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Doctor Sues Ex-lover For US$163K For Maintenance Of Another Man's Child

Doctor Sues Ex-lover For US$163K For Maintenance Of Another Man's Child

A Bulawayo-based doctor is suing his ex-lover for US$163 000 after discovering that a child he paid maintenance for over an 11-year period is not his.

Dr Roger Kruger Hendrick Chigangacha, a pathologist, has filed a lawsuit at the High Court seeking to recover the money from Natasha Popova Sibanda who misled him into raising another man’s child.

A DNA test in December last year confirmed that Chigangacha was not the father of the child, B-Metro reported. He told the High Court:

It was reasonably foreseeable or ought to have been foreseen by the defendant that her promiscuous behaviour at the time of conception would have resulted in me being falsely imputed fatherhood of the child.

By reason of the defendant’s conduct, I acted on her misrepresentation and paid for all the educational requirements of the child up to December 31, 2022.

I have also expended some money in respect of travels and costs towards the general welfare and upkeep of the minor child.

He is requesting that the High Court order Sibanda to pay him US$100 000 for her false and dishonest attribution of the child’s paternity to him.

The pathologist also requested that the court order his ex-lover, a former actress, to pay back the child’s upkeep bills, incidental expenditures, and extra damages in the amount of US$63 000.

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