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DNA Results Confirm Identity Of Missing Former St Mathias Tsonzo High School Student

DNA Results Confirm Identity Of Missing Former St Mathias Tsonzo High School Student

DNA tests conducted on human remains found about a kilometre away from St Mathias Tsonzo High School in Watsomba have established that the remains belong to Livingstone Sunhwa, a pupil who disappeared from the school in December 2021. reported Livingstone’s mother, Selina Tadya, confirming the development and saying the family was preparing for burial. She said:

We received the results yesterday and they are confirming that the remains are of Livingstone and we are now arranging for his burial.

What happened to Livingstone?

According to his sister, Pride, teachers at St Mathias Tsonzo High School assaulted Livingstone and banged his head into the wall until he could no longer speak.

She said he was being punished for an alleged offence of stealing sweets and snacks from the school tuckshop.

Pride said Livingstone was assaulted in full view of the students just after break time. She said:

I saw them walking with Livingstone towards the Administration block. They started beating him there asking him how he gained entrance into the tuckshop. They were smashing his head into the wall.

There was a teacher on duty whom I asked why they were beating my brother and he said it was because he had stolen.

I asked if they had called my mother and he said they had not. When they were done beating him, he could no longer speak.

All this happened in full view of the students because we were just returning from break time.

… I last saw him at the admin block standing with the head, but I could not talk to him.

He was initially taken to Mutasa police station, as he was 19 years old, before he was released into the hands of the school head Maxwell Sambona to allow him to write a ZIMSEC examination.

Sambona was later suspended, pending investigations. He was reportedly the last person seen with Livingstone on 5 December 2021 before the boy disappeared.

Tadya lost her husband almost a decade ago and was looking up to Livingstone to be the father figure for the family in future.

Livingstone’s father also died under unclear circumstances, while working in a mine in Mozambique.

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1 week ago

AkaSungwa here Sambona uyu

madhuve 1 week ago

this is so touching hmmmm mwana gone just like that

bhuru 1 week ago

head avo mukati please

parasite 1 week ago

our kids are no longer safe. Teachers have became murderous. l wonder why ED didn't bother to pay them increment when the rest of the servant are better than them 5 times.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Iyi firo haibude pamubereki. Zvinorwadza izvi. Ko Head how far? Varipi? Sungai munhu uyo mhani

... 1 week ago

Head vakufira yeku keeper secret asi sekuru Tembo vakanyatsotaura kuti 4 police officers ne 3 teachers ndovakauraya head vakapa idea yekut anovigwa husiku yooo dai ngozi yatangira kwa head havana moyo

lioness 1 week ago

soo sad n painful ,, mai Livingston make sure the person who has a hand in your child's death pay n God wl help you in this fight


Chasura 1 week ago

Saka mwana watorova veduwe haaah Mwari pindirai... 😭😭😭😭😭


The investigating officer has leads now. Livingstone could have been assaulted and died as the result of assault. Who was the person to be last seen in the company of Livingstone ?

Do other children admit that they slept with Livingstone in the same dormitory ? If he left in the morning, where did he say he was going ? Did someone come to collect him ?

The headmaster was suspended to facilitate proper and though investigations

Livingstone's death is now going to be investigated as sudden death or murder.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

mubereki 1 week ago


4 days ago

malvin ganyiwa 2 days ago

so terrible ,mr prsdnt must do somthing

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