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DJ Maphorisa, Sha Sha, Kabza In No Show For Victoria Falls Carnival, Promoter Wants Money Back

DJ Maphorisa, Sha Sha, Kabza In No Show For Victoria Falls Carnival, Promoter Wants Money Back

South African artists DJ Maphorisa and KabzaDay Zimbabwean Sha Sha who is based in South Africa were in no show for the Victoria Falls Carnival despite being given everything they needed to travel. Reports suggest they had two shows in South Africa.

Day of the Carnival was set to kick off the celebrations with headliners DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha, due to perform on the Pure Africa Sunset Cruise and at the main event later in the evening. DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha did not make their flights.

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, High Yards Pty LTD (Agency) are demanding that the artists pay back the Full Booking fee, among other things. We present the statement below:


Di Maphonsa, Kabza & Shasha were fully aware and paid in full for the Vic Falls Carnival event on the 29″ Of April 2022 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Booking Confirmations, Flight Confirmations and Accommodation Confirmations were sent to them as agreed and emails were sent to them several times before, for some reason they did not show up at the airport on the day of travel.

From the Vic Falls Carnival side, they honored the contract as agreed. Above and beyond we tried to communicate with the artists to change the date of performance but still we could not get hold of them despite all the effort and all means of communication from our side.

The Artists have shown total disregard to the contract and this is unacceptable. The Artists should;

1. Pay back the Full Booking Fee.

2. Pay back All the flights that were booked on time.

3. Pay back for accommodation that was booked on time.

4. Give Vic Falls Carnival a statement in this regard.

5. Mostly, Apologize to the FANS who travelled all over the World to come see them perform.

Regards High Yards Pty LTD (Agency)

Stan Chingozho

This comes at the backdrop of increasing calls for promoters to value local artists who are said to be outperforming their visiting counterparts whenever they perform together.

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Putin 9 months ago

local is lekker......


venom 9 months ago

😂😂😂 true dat batshele

mee 9 months ago

Yahh liza khawula ....liyabe litshiya uku supporter local ligijimisana lama artists e SA, In Zim we have talented artists no lie but bcoz of sabotage ñ no recognition, no promoters

so suffer you guys for what you did, next tym you will support local

Walley 9 months ago

Its true at this one let the promoter promote local music

promoter 9 months ago

well, you guys need to recognise our local artists

SisiJenny 9 months ago

Dayi makatora Sandra Ndebele na mai Titi zvaitofaya

promoter 9 months ago

Mai titi is no different. Isn't she the one who invited a South Africa artist for her weddimg

sisijenny 9 months ago

gara zviya, dira zvako rizare @promoter

yoweee 9 months ago

hanzi mai titi surely we have better artists in Zim kkkkkk

sha sha 9 months ago

besides shinga muroora a collaboration of Jar signal & fellistars maphosa
kindly name any 4 songs frim mai Titi

The Real Vaccine 9 months ago

Rest in Power Sauro


kingie 9 months ago

yeah bekhawuleee vele besingabafuni

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

They had a double booking these guys and they chose to let Zim gig down for their local gig. Local artists mostly outperform these so called top artists. Take Joe Bwoy show for example, Jah Prayza was like the main show 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Can't leave Makhadzi's gig too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Try Winky D, Jah Prayza, Freeman and obviously ambassador Alick Macheso

Chifamba Never 9 months ago

Macheso anopedza show kuseni na6am kkkkkkkkk bvunza Jah Prayza anokuudzai. One artist anonakidzwa nebasa rake

artist 9 months ago

if u say local artist outperfom big artist ok bhoo
why is it local artist struggle to fill up kahall keksnzuru
why local artist dont get company endorsements
why they struggle in life f they perfom better than big artist

local artist with 4 songs in his name you had the guts to hire them @ in 40minutes time all the songs in his name will be done
aakutobva pastage

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

kutosiya henyu tambaoga muchida mapiano ikehino Mari yabaya dhololo

Chifamba Never 9 months ago

Mface wako Tambaoga anenge ane some mental issues these days. Saw him paChikwanha muChitungwiza ummmmmmm

ghetto yut 9 months ago

agara ari a mental case ndosaka akashandiswa

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago


cute 9 months ago

makarohwa soul jah luv style jkk damakatora macheso jah prayzh nawinky

factos 9 months ago

don't pay back
and don't be apologetic about it

instead they should promote local artists not these so called xenophobic artists

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago


zimbo flavour 9 months ago

learn to promote lokal acts,lokal is lekker.

Night xul Graduate 9 months ago

we have musicians here who have done so well at regional and international stages ,. They should have considered them . Those south Africans vaingo invita one chete not that whole bunch

Mike Mopo 9 months ago

Tinosivaudza vasingatiteereri

Mhlapo 9 months ago

ichokeadi ichocho

ZIM BOY 9 months ago

havadaro Tanga taka vamirira

Sean 9 months ago

You should learn to put ZIM first, those RSA artist are most probably ashamed of how zimbos are being treated in SA.Grow you own artist, not from those hostile nations.

truth 8 months ago

the comment section never disappoints

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