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DJ Fantan, Wife Gamuchirai Break Up

DJ Fantan, Wife Gamuchirai Break Up

DJ Fantan, whose real name is Arnold Kamudyariwa, has separated from his wife, Gamuchirayi Nemukuyu, after she was involved in a street fight with a woman, Vimbai, she claims is dating the Zimdancehall music producer.

Gamu has engaged Harare lawyer Milton Serima, who will negotiate for their peaceful separation, upkeep of their two minor children and sharing of property.

Speaking in an interview with H-Metro, Gamu claimed that one of their children missed school for four months after DJ Fantan failed to pay fees to a pre-school the kid attends. She said:

I have engaged a lawyer to seek legal guidance on support for the children and property sharing with DJ Fantan and we are meeting tomorrow (Friday).

Relatives tried in vain to persuade Fantan to provide food for his children.

Ngaabudise all receipts yemari yaakabhadharira mwana five months uye ekutenga food.

DJ Fantan is describing me as his ex-wife but his clothes are still in my wardrobe and is yet to give me a token of divorce.

He has advised his mother to go and stay at our Chitungwiza house, as a way of side-lining me, from what I sweated for.

Gamu claimed that she and Fantan acquired two residential stands and two vehicles among other assets together. She added:

He wants to force me to surrender my children to his mother while he enjoys with his lover.

I will not part ways with my children and I need my share of what we acquired together.

His mother failed to look after Fantan’s 16-year-old daughter which he sired with one Tsitsi.

I stand to be guided by legal means since Fantan fooled me into withdrawing domestic violence charges in order to avoid facing justice.

He pretended to be a good person to my relatives who also persuaded me to withdraw the charges, but God is for us all.

Fantan is aware that my mother was arrested and is languishing in prison in South Africa and he never helped me in fighting for her freedom.

He wants to see me starving, as well as his children just to please his lover, my tears will never dry.

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grara pasi 3 weeks ago

hanty ndiwe wakazvitosvora wega

zim hip hop 3 weeks ago

saka ndiwe waiwachira minutes asvika ndobvisa hembe ku show

XXX 3 weeks ago

Ndiana Roki avaa publicity inovapengesa havagare mumaMarriages dai zvakavharirwa muJeri.

Help 3 weeks ago

Move on my sis Gamu.Murume uyu ratove rombe.God is in control

fantan 3 weeks ago

ndezvako izvo

Peace 3 weeks ago

Stay guided by the law as what you are saying , # justice for all.

Mthwakazi 3 weeks ago

Selilele matshona?


Gamu 3 weeks ago

Fantan hakuna kwaunosvika nazvo izvi

Pindula please do Something 3 weeks ago

Uyo akuzviti Mthwakazi uyo pindula please do something.

hameno 3 weeks ago

I do not like people especially women who run to the media with their family problems

User 3 weeks ago

Gamu l salute you,isidudla sonke lesi wawusisaphi?

Gafa 3 weeks ago

Ukaona relationship dzogara pamedia sesport kunge football hadzi last hezvoo.Mavakuda kunzwirwa tsitsi nesu vana punha idyai mari vana Gamu

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

Regai varambane, mazera avo aisaenderana

Turoo 3 weeks ago

AnaGamuchirai muchanetsawo imi, wakitoda pfuma yausina kushandira😕

Ndini ndadaro 3 weeks ago

@ Turooo.Gamu aito shanda kuchengeta pamba,kumubikira,kumuwhachira if Gamu wasn,t going to work kutoshanda ikoko sei vamwe varume muri primitive.Piwha maasets ako Gamu you deserve.Wosiyana nepfambi iyi

Ndini ndadaro 3 weeks ago

@Turooo .Gamu deserves maaset avakaita vese.Kutomuwhachira,kubika kuchengeta pamba kutoshanda ikoko.Weather aienda kubasa or not.So men are primitve

therockstar 3 weeks ago


Gamu 3 weeks ago

I will fight for sharing of property iye ngaaende zvake

Tintin 3 weeks ago

mazvokuda kudanana nemunhu wezimdancehall waifunga zvinopera sei. better to be unmarried than to be married to a f.ool.

``taf☆`` 2 weeks ago

Muchatotijoina henyu kumbanje zverudo izvi zvinoda vanoenda kun'anga 😂😂

1 week ago

Ko nhai guys Gamu waDj Fantan ndiye futi waHoly ten hre

Dj Fantan 18 minutes ago

Ndichiri kuda babie rangu, ndikufunga kuita re marry. Holy ten akatadza ku mantainer Gamu which pained me and want her back😁🤗

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