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Divisions Rock War Veterans, Some Mull Forming Splinter Group

Divisions Rock War Veterans, Some Mull Forming Splinter Group

Divisions have rocked the War Veterans Welfare Pressure Group (WVWPG) after it emerged that some disgruntled members were plotting to form a splinter group, NewsDay Zimbabwe reports.

Reports suggest that disgruntled members are working with some politicians to form a splinter association.

WVWPG chairperson Amos Sigauke blamed some “outsiders” for taking advantage of disgruntled war veterans to advance their political interests and cause divisions in the association. Sigauke told NewsDay Weekender:

There are some members who are being used by other people from outside, who have some political agendas to distract the purpose of the group.

However, I can say there are no divisions within the pressure group. Our members are united. WVWPG is not even a registered organisation, hence claims of plans to form an independent alliance are baseless.

But in one audio clip that was posted on the war veterans WhatsApp group, a member of WVWPG, Shoorai Nyamangondo, confirmed the divisions. Nyamangondo said in the recording:

Since we started bringing up accusations against each other, we are now deviating from our main focus of the group. No one is now talking about the welfare of the war veterans who were arrested.

Some WVTWPG members were arrested in Harare following a protest they staged, where they accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of neglecting them.

Police blocked them from submitting a petition to Mnangagwa for a review of their pension earnings.

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