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Diarrhoea Outbreak Hits Harare, Over 1 000 Cases Recorded

Diarrhoea Outbreak Hits Harare, Over 1 000 Cases Recorded

A diarrhoea outbreak has hit Harare, with more than 1 100 cases recorded between October 24 and November 20 2022.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Harare City Council director of health services Dr Prosper Chonzi said that most cases are being recorded in high-density suburbs. Said Chonzi:

We are recording about 250 to 270 cases of diarrhoea per week.

From October 24 to November 20, we recorded 1 115 cases. Cases of typhoid are still low, as we are recording between five and six cases every week.

These cases are mainly in high-density suburbs, where there is inadequate running water, no refuse collection and sewage bursts.

Currently, we are testing any suspected case of diarrhoea at all our clinics and we are offering treatment free of charge.

We have activated our rapid response team; we are very alert and we have initiated contact tracing on suspected cases.

Chonzi said the City of Harare is working hard to avoid a cholera outbreak as happened in 2008 when more than 2 000 people were killed by the disease mainly in Glen View and Budiriro. He said:

In hospitals and clinics that are treating diarrhoea, we have stockpiled requisite medicines and sundries.

We have also secured drips (intravenous fluid) and mobilised a number of environmental officers and community health workers so that they start home visits to see if there are no reported cases.

We are trying, by all means, to manage this because we do not want history to repeat itself like what happened in 2008.

Chonzi said currently, no patients have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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komuredhi muchapfidza 2 months ago

muchapfidza zvenyu hamusati imi

Vesto 2 months ago

Presidential Typhoid and Presidential Cholera coming to a squatter camp near you.

Ndiwo mubairo wekunwa contaminated mvura yePresidential Boreholes and Blair toilets in urban areas.

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Iwe kwana stop trying to politicise huchapa hwevanhu

Vesto 2 months ago

@VYBZ Ketero, don't defend the indefensible. Typhoid. cholera, dysentery are caused by drinking/using contaminated water. If the government cannot provide clean, potable water on tap and prefers to drill boreholes whose underground water is contaminated with sewage it becomes a political matter.

This government has failed. Period. Full Stop. The buck stops at ZANU'S doorstep

Job Sikhala 2 months ago

HCC(Harare city council) ndeye CCC vana Jocob Mafume varikutadzaka kuchenesa mvura momama gore rino kkkk kusvika maziva pachikomo

kwenyakwenya 2 months ago

jobho chokora mushe Uma. me ndofunga wanzwa kukwaturwa didynity

2 months ago

The rot starts with central government iwe urikuzviti Job Sikhala Wake up you dummy There are no jobs hence people are failing to pay for services provided by local authorities How do local authorites provide services when they are not being paid It's as simple as that

think twice 2 months ago

ummmmm manyoka aarwadzi zvawo but akaoma guys...imagine uri mutown


MTHWAKAZI 2 months ago

H.C.C is failing ,look at Mbare

Vesto 2 months ago

Zimbabwe is a failed state.
95% unemployment

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