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Devolution And Decentralization In Zimbabwe, A Practical Approach - Precious Musarurwa

Devolution And Decentralization In Zimbabwe, A Practical Approach - Precious Musarurwa

The Secretary-General for Labour Economists and African Democrats (LEAD), Precious Musarurwa, has said the implementation of the Devolution and Decentralization Policy is essential for the achievement of sustainable development in Zimbabwe.

Musarurwa, an actress and former model, is set to lock horns with Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Vice President Tendai Biti in the race for the Harare East Constituency Parliamentary seat in the 26 March 2022 by-elections.

She described some legislators particularly, in urban constituencies, as “polarized and unfocused” when it comes to grassroots developmental strategies.

Musarurwa said the devolution and decentralisation policy must be implemented to ensure to push parliamentarians to work towards inclusive and sustainable development. She added:

Devolution was adopted as a key component of the new 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe which, in Chapter 14, states that it is desirable to ensure the preservation of national unity in Zimbabwe, prevention of all forms of disunity and secessionism, the democratic participation in Government by all citizens and communities in Zimbabwe, and that there must be devolution of power and responsibilities to lower tiers of Government in Zimbabwe.

Precious criticised legislators belonging to the ruling ZANU PF and opposition MDC Alliance, some of which are now members of the CCC, for failing to push for devolution and decentralisation since 2013.

The devolution and decentralisation policy aims at promoting sustainable, representative, accountable, participatory, inclusive governance and socio-economic development.

Musarurwa’s remarks echo those of many analysts who believe that a centralised approach has resulted in some regions growing at a faster rate compared to others. 

She said if she is elected into office, she will work with councils, and all other stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the policy.

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2 months ago

Bounty Hunter 2 months ago

Sisi dai masiya politics honai khupe achitanga she was so beautiful now hona mushatiro chero chimiro haachina don't be the same learn from experience of others

Bright 2 months ago

Hanty ma election mhaimhanje apa ahakunde biti ndaramba ipapo a KU adressa vanhu kuvhoterwa her

Elder chimut 2 months ago

Iwe kasongere na Harare east ndimi muchamuvhotera isu hatimude toda biti chete

Harare East 2 months ago

Varikutaura zvavasingazive pamacomments apo ibva. I agree with uyo akanzi Kasongara. I have seen this lady in person on the ground. I have listened to her key addresses aanoita nevanhu muconstituency. She is the definition of a real leader, bold black woman who is ready to serve our constituency. Ini nemadzisahwira angu vemuHarare East we are saying pamberi naye Precious. We are voting for this young lady. Taneta naBiti hapana chisvinu chaarikuchinja.

Bright 2 months ago

Mari yeku develor nzvimbo inobva ku government ka manje opposition ahipiwe chinhu uda kti biti aite Mari yeku genarotor her even council inotofanira kupiwa Mari ne government kti ikwanise kuita maservice

Kasongore 2 months ago

I saw much believe in this lady! Real change, that we have been waiting for. I wish you the best mami. No one should bring you down. I have listened to your speeches and I have a lot about your good works in Domboshava. You are passionate, and you are ready to serve. Im Ready for your leadership dear!


Tang Ku 2 months ago

An old proverb says , practice makes perfect , But blessed are unto those who forsee , Zimbabwe haisikuda twuma village politicians like vana precious Nana Linda irikutoda mabulldozers ,dzikamai zvenyu vana pure

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Good luck Precious, but just a few words of advice.

You hope to work with councils, who by the way have their own party allegiances. As no ĹEAD councillors exist to the best of my knowledge, how practical is this noble idea?

CCC (having received the people's vote in 2018), controls 28 of the 32 urban local authorities, but are being frustrated left, right and centre by ZANU, which controls central government. Madame with all due respect, how do you hope to be heard when CCC with it's own councillors in place are failing due to external interference?

Good luck ambuya aPunha, but pana Biti hamupfuure. Akarema

El zorro 2 months ago

Musawanze theory Mai imi

Citizens of zim 2 months ago

Kkkkkk amai avo vari kuona vachikunda Ambassador Biti hanty. Regai vambopepereke nemhepo vachidaroo

Elder chimut 2 months ago

@ bright kkkkkkk sure biti haamuzivi mkadzi uyo biti unoda chero ed chaiye

Man of the moment 2 months ago

By the Way you are an Actress may if you have a script for them Zanu pf yes you can say that again and again ❎

Do that 2 months ago

Sister Don't Rush Take your Time What do you do if Doors are locked for you Never think it works as long as the mother ministry is not from your party Saka mycee stop the blame game you know Not, you are still in your Sleep 🐤🐤🐥🐥

Bright 2 months ago

Biti mukumuziva her imi hee

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