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Developer Sharpe Speaks On Refurbishment Of A One-stop Village At Warren Hills Golf Course

Developer Sharpe Speaks On Refurbishment Of A One-stop Village At Warren Hills Golf Course

Augur investments, owned by prominent property developer, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Friday launched the refurbishment of a one-stop village at the Warren Hills Golf Course in partnership with the City of Harare.

The golf course is one of Harare’s oldest up-market recreational facilities and is owned by Sunshine Developments, a joint venture company between the City of Harare and Augur Investments.

Sharpe told journalists at a press briefing that they are now in the final weeks of planning before they start the development. reports Sharpe as saying:

We are not building on the golf course or on sensitive areas, we are building that area and we will prevent any environmental damage.

There have been rumours that we were removing the golf course, and these are not true, because we are actually upgrading the golf course.

We are spending a budget of about four to five million United States dollars to bring it to an international championship course status.

The golfers that are currently playing there, we would love them to continue playing there and be members of this estate. The membership will also include outside golfers.

We are very proud to bring this in Zimbabwe, especially in Warren Hills, a place that we believe needs upliftment and significant investment.

The estate will encompass a five-star hotel and conference centre, retail shops, office park, club house facilities for the enhanced golf course and an exclusive residential estate of modern contemporary style villas, flats (luxury apartments), townhouses and an attached retirement section with health and medical facilities.

There was a public outroar when it was announced earlier this month that the City of Harare is seeking to convert two community golf courses into residential and commercial stands.

The two recreational facilities are Sherwood Golf Course in Mabelreign, which was established in 1961, and Warren Hills Golf Course.

Sharpe assured residents that the project will not destroy the golf course and current members will not be shut out.

He also asked the public and politicians to support the project and give him a chance to help develop a world-class city.

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VaGwede 1 month ago

MuZimbabwe time problem one munonzi mine vanhu vakadzidza but l get to know that we are golf course chaiyo yakumuka neforeign investment yeah vanhu vemaarts vanofanira kumbobaniwa muparliament coz what they kow is to read and write poems . In terms of economics chinazihwa hapana

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Auger Investments has been in business before our Indepence in 1980. I know that he used to own a business in fire extinguishers. He is not Chinese nor is he a "Amafikezulo Businessman." He is a yesteryear businessman who perhaps inherited his business empire from his father. If the developments he has described come out as per his description, then Zimbabwe will have a real One Stop Vilage of the world class standards. The Old People's Home government shall be forced to upgrade the National Sports Stadium because they are in the same vicinity.


Jack Bauer 1 month ago

This guy is the best to be honest

the head 1 month ago

build a football stadium golf is one useless sport

Twabam 1 month ago

@the head kkkkk golf hamusi kuiziva mudhara inopedza masports.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Chido chako Sharpe chakanaka but party ikutonga iyi ndoinonetsa


.. 1 month ago

There is still need for Africans to open their eyes,,, everyday white people are taking our land, our mines etc because we don't know how to utilise them and if we knew we don't support each other we prefer foreigners at the expanse of indigenous people,, they are even looking for a foreign coach to lead the national team yet we have so talented personnels in Zimbabwe,,, may God have mercy on us.

24/7 Inspiration

Ed 1 month ago

You are very correct.. Unfortunately that's th way zanu pf is..

Asalif 1 month ago

July Moyo against international standards infrastructure development but if it was a Chinese owned company it was too late for them to say they want to do something at the golf course

Anonymous 1 month ago

world class kudiiko ne zanu, kungorova mar

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