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Detectives Ask Magistrate For More Time With Muvevi

Detectives Ask Magistrate For More Time With Muvevi

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers handling the matter in which former policeman and gold dealer Jaison Muvevi (43) is facing several charges including murder have requested for more time to conduct further investigations, reported The Herald.

The detectives on Wednesday asked the court for three more days with Muvevi to allow them time to further manage cases.

The Investigating Officer in the matter, detective Pikisai Chikwazo, said they want more time to travel to Hwedza (Wedza) for indications and to interview him.

Muvevi (39) appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Wednesday, 17 January.

He was complaining of experiencing difficulties in sleeping because of two pairs of handcuffs he had.

However, Muvevi’s lawyer Samson Dzingira opposed the application arguing that the police can always interview him while in the hands of prison officers.

Dzingira asked detectives to take Muvevi back to court tomorrow since the expected 48 hours in police custody have not lapsed.

Magistrate Mangosi was on Wednesday expected to make a ruling on the application for further detention.

Parson Dziva appeared for the State.

Muvevi allegedly shot and killed Crispen Mubvana Kanerusine (62), a self-styled prophet who was operating from a Johanne Masowe shrine at Negombwe Village in Wedza.

He shot the elderly man at point-blank range right in front of his congregants after he allegedly gave him a prophecy he did not like.

Muvevi’s second victim was Wedza officer in charge Inspector Maxwell Hove (43) who was unarmed and sitting in the front passenger side of a police truck.

He shot the police officer three times, killing him instantly, before targetting Detective Constable Tendai Mugova who was armed with a CZ pistol and had taken cover under the police truck.

Police said Mugova was shot three times – on the left hip, stomach and right shoulder, but survived the shooting.

Muvevi then disarmed the police officers, took their guns and jumped into his vehicle and sped off towards Goto.

Muvevi’s third victim was a 20-year-old bartender, Munashe Mujanhi, who he shot and killed for unknown reasons.

The following day, 14 January, Muvevi exchanged fire with detectives who were on his trail in Rusape but escaped unhurt.

He, however, abandoned his Toyota Allion vehicle and an FN rifle he had seized from police officers in Hwedza the previous day.

On Sunday, 15 January, Muvevi was spotted at Mutare Boys’ High School looking for food and was confronted by the caretaker’s son who was “drunk”.

He allegedly fired three shots at the man but he missed him. Muvevi then melted into a nearby forest.

While in Mutare, Muvevi used his EcoCash wallet to buy the worksuit he was wearing when he was apprehended.

He then attempted to hire a motorbike to take him to Chimoio town, which is 100 kilometers from Mutare’s Forbes Border Post.

According to the motorcyclist who was filmed narrating the encounter, Muvevi asked to be transported to Chimoio for US$200, but when the motorcyclist refused, he pulled out a revolver and threatened to shoot him.

Muvevi was finally arrested as he attempted to board a kombi headed toward Chimoio.

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confused 2 weeks ago

zvombonzi 43 kwozonzi 39 saka makore ake chaiwo ndeapi

Tupac 2 weeks ago

A murderer has no age

He s 43 2 weeks ago

Pindula journalism

Netflix 2 weeks ago

we would like to have this character when we are filming John Wick 6

nela 2 weeks ago

chimbomirai ma funnies😂😂

Yuli 2 weeks ago

Ndokumbirawo masettings edroid netone aman

nela 2 weeks ago

huya inbox 0789067593

wait and see 2 weeks ago

acha tizah futy uyu

questinable 2 weeks ago

he missed the drunk caretaker son 3
times ....kkkk

2 weeks ago

Haa ndofunga aingoridzira paside asingadi kumupfura

Vandem 2 weeks ago

ln few days to come they will pronounce him dead . Ari kurohwa zvakanyanya mkomana bz CID musaderera amana


. 2 weeks ago

death penalty

Pablo Escobar 2 weeks ago

let's hope it's not a ruse to let him escape!!!

Zorro 2 weeks ago

ko pa age apo pakamira sei parikunzi 43 pozonzi 39?

k 2 weeks ago

shoot him

PISON OFFICER 2 weeks ago

Huya hako Muvevi takakumirira hausat i watanga

tanakastyle 2 weeks ago

haa ma detectives wakuda kunyatsombomutsemura pa 3 days idzodzi

chibaba 2 weeks ago

uyo haarohwe zvekudaro akafa unopinda ma1 but asati asungwa vaigona kumupfuura makumbo voti angaachitiza,all eyes are on him so they can't kill him

boss 2 weeks ago

anongopihwa torturing pamagetsi chete

kpc 2 weeks ago

Muvevi ai Revha

PVC 2 weeks ago

pa age 39 then officer in charge wedza 43

George 2 weeks ago

ibhinya chairo haambogaya

gava 2 weeks ago

dangerous murder he must die in prison

CID 2 weeks ago

panenyaya apa....something is going on.ava ega Muvhevhi... also mamwe na CID arimo munyaya so they want to eliminate him asati afumura dhiri

CID 2 weeks ago

aisava ega***

Putin 2 weeks ago

ko Muvevi hazvite kuti asvike kuno Byo , I wish to learn something from him , his manoeuvres how he defeated the police here in Zimbabwe etc.

2 weeks ago

No special skills required, he was determined to kill unlike his hunters who were afraid of losing their lives.

2 weeks ago

He defeated the police because he was once a police officer in homicide squad. He knows all the skills. He is a trained cop.

nela 2 weeks ago

true those police men did not want to use their weapons

ganja farmer 2 weeks ago

dectective pikisai.pikisai kuti munhu uyo asapihwa bail

boss 2 weeks ago

ngaasungweee munhuu uyoo anotoda jeree repasiii

mbinga 1 week ago

dai ndakaroorwa naye ndakusara nemari ye gold

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