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Details Emerge On Sikhala's "Demotion"

Details Emerge On Sikhala's

Nelson Chamisa, leader of opposition MDC Alliance reportedly “demoted” the party’s vice-chairman, Job Sikhala, for his involvement in the formation of a party that was destined to split the MDC Alliance vote.

Chamisa earlier this month made new appointments to key positions in the party with Sesel Zvidzai being appointed Co-Vice-Chairperson, a move viewed by some as a demotion to Sikhala.

An unnamed party insider told Bulawayo24 that Sikhala was the brains behind the formation of Patriotic Zimbabweans which is fronted by Charles Mutama, a US-based former MDC Alliance activist. Added the source:

Mutama is very close to Job and he supported him during his trials. They were tortured by the security agents together. President vakabata ndere ndere yekuti Sikhala ndiye muridzi wechinhu cha Mutama (Patriotic Zimbabweans party).

Job wanted Mutama to set up structures and then invite him to lead the structured party. He also wanted Mutama to test the acceptability of the new party on the ground. Unfortunately, it did not get much traction needed to split the party votes and this is the reason why Job remained in the cocoon. Such a person can never be trusted. He is actually in the departure lounge.

The source said Chamisa also blamed Sikhala for being inactive in the wake of the absence of the national chairperson Tabitha Khumalo who has not been feeling well for some time.

Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that the other camp intends to take Chamisa to court over the violation of the party constitution.

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shellaz 6 months ago

ko chachii futi tapadhuze

Tang ku 6 months ago

Plus Job anoziva kuti akamboita party yake mdc99 akashaya kana councilor umwe zvake dai asina kugamuchirwa nava Tsvangirai ku Epworth 2016 I was there he should have sink in politics for good so if it is true ngaabude pachena then we'll follow VaChamisa hatina kana hanya nazvo Jamwanda akambotaura sometimes patwitter handle kuti December unenge vati joina so we're keeping watching him

Tang ku 6 months ago

Watch out of this media it is a zanu pf tool with a mission to cause division I want to apeal to Pindula news not to send these news to the public we only know herald manicapost Newsday mirror daily news h metro and b metro only some of the media sources are not known in this country should you ask anyone about Bulawayo 24 he/she will ask kuti Bulawayo 24 anotovhunduka saka isu tinoda kuona tega kwete zvevanhu vanenge vachida kunzwa pfungwa dzedu don't send us zvinews zvezvigure izvi

chibaba 6 months ago

Hamunyepi mukuru kuda kutinzwa mukanwa uku ngavasiyane netsika iyoyi

Greedy 6 months ago

Ko ndezvipi futi nhayi Musarasike pa last minute aaaah Victory is around the Corner in zii zvangu ✖️

Coming soon 6 months ago

Here goes another big political guru in the wilderness.Uyo pfooo Sikhala .

Coming soon 6 months ago

Here goes another big political guru in the wilderness.Uyo pfooo Sikhala .


Beasty boy 6 months ago

Wiwa whats wrong,shamwari warasisa team.I like you though.

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