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"Destitute" Members Of Parliament Embarrassed

Zimbabwe’s Members of Parliament reportedly earn ZWL$60 000 a month, which translates to less than US$100 on the parallel market.

The lawmakers are used to luxurious hotel lifestyles where they are usually booked into the Meikles, Holiday Inn, and Jameson, among other hotels.

But their plight has been worsened by Treasury’s failure to pay their hotel bills when they come to Harare for sittings.

Makoni South MP David Tekeshe (MDC Alliance) said that MPs were being locked out of hotels, a situation that he said was embarrassing and sickening for the lawmakers.

He proposed an arrangement where the MPs could get sufficient funds to look after themselves.

National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda said it was demeaning that legislators were being subjected to that kind of treatment.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (ZANU PF) said Zimbabwe should adopt the South African model, which he said is similar to Namibia and Botswana models. He said:

In South Africa, Parliament is in Cape Town and the government buildings are in Pretoria. Whenever they go to Parliament they go to Cape Town.

Upon arrival they have houses where they live, they do not use hotels, and they have apartments, and the houses do not belong to individual members but are allocated to members for use during their term.

Namibia and Botswana are the same; instead of honourable members standing up daily raising points of order and saying they are not being looked after and being chased away from hotels, why not take the example of other countries?

The other option is to give them money so that they meet their own expenses. The hotels are very expensive. Members consume meals that are more than their salaries.

It is painful that for the four days that members live in a hotel the expenses are not even equivalent to their salaries.

Members of Parliament must be given the money in the form of salaries.

Harare East MP Tendai Biti (CCC) said Finance minister Mthuli Ncube must present himself to Parliament to speak on the welfare issues of MPs.

Recently, MDC-T senator Morgen Komichi said MPs and civil servants have been reduced to vagabonds.

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Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Why do I get the notion that only opposition MPs are the ones complaining? You lobby for people's votes so that you can live a luxurious life? MPs are full of **** , I always tell you guys kuti these politicians do not have you at heart what they want is the benefits that comes with holding an office at the expense of the masses.....come join my party called Voting Is A Waste Of Time.....

Jack Bauer 1 month ago

Is chinotimba an opposition MP

@C.J.S 1 month ago

Typical response from an I. D. I. O. T

Gwedu 1 month ago

If you still ask this qn you need help? Mental help, you might be insane yo the end

Dred 1 month ago

MPs and teachers earn 60000 rtgs. I Wonder how much Teachers for ED earn??


The finance minister is very correct in dealing with these vagabonds
First they treat parliament like a circus (kumaricho)
Secondly they are Manchester United fans because of that don't give them a single cent


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy Chinembiri

@bush lawyer 1 month ago

kkk kwacho.

Convict 1 month ago

Vanotora politics as a Profession so zvekumirira vanhu izvo haaa kunyepa coz hazvina benefit kwavari ****

Citizen 1 month ago

Poor pay for poor quality parliamentarians.


Tateguru 1 month ago

It's a pity and I think big Hon. Chinoz is too right and correct.

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Mps , it's about individual gains, constituencies they represent are under developed,42 years and they have got nothing to show,maybe boreholes and non operating baking ovens .

pm 1 month ago

varakashi hero basa mapurisa akati bhora musango wani

patrick mzimbaniits 1 month ago

its so good to have such good news that you always read

patrick mzimbaniits 1 month ago

its so good to have such good news that you always read

Apolitically 1 month ago

ok we have seen how about Mps now why not abolish the system of Mps; Ambassadors etc getting health care outside of the country while we have hospitals here in the country.
why not abolish the system of overspending in foreign nations in the name of benefits etc.

if you want the economy to be stable start by cutting off unnecessary expenditures.

as of Mps bayekeni benjalo labo khona bazafunda how to be serious on their roles, and let them to take their position serious.
Those who are found not capable of doing their duties don't give them benefits.

ZACC 1 month ago

we are dealing with that one and many are following we digging them one by one


After defrauding Cottco of $5mUS does that ZANU MP need to complain about his salary?

Muzukuru was Mujibha 1 month ago

Chinotimba ataura zvine sense

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Vari kuchema kunani? They are the law makers why are they not making the laws that guarantee their welfare?

Inhamo yemutsipa kutakura dehenya risina chiro

dhafu 920 1 month ago

mu parliament vanenge vachiita sema grade zero chaiwo ...ngavagare kumatapi

ecoz . 1 month ago

Zim paliamentarians. are chancers let them suffer.

Tkt 1 month ago

The only MP who made sense during that sitting was HIGHLY UNLEARNED MP Hon JOSEPH CHINOTIMBA

vamwe vese hapana zvaka taurwa it was only him who said something chino vaka nyika

Though he forgot the new parliament building has apartments for the parliamentarians

Hi 1 month ago

How are you .All of my comments are being sensored even good ones

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