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Deputy Minister Offers Personal Equipment Towards Clearance Of Uncollected Garbage

Deputy Minister Offers Personal Equipment Towards Clearance Of Uncollected Garbage

ZANU PF Bulawayo South legislator and businessman Raj Modi has offered a Tipper and Front-End loader to the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to clear piles of uncollected garbage in the central business district (CBD).

Garbage had piled up along the streets of Bulawayo over the past few weeks, with the local authority claiming it does not have enough equipment to collect it.

In an interview with Modi, who is also the deputy minister of Industry and Commerce, said he decided to chip in with the equipment after some residents through a WhatsApp group complained about uncollected garbage in the city centre. Modi said:

I decided to assist after some residents in the Bulawayo city centre WhatsApp group raised concern about uncollected litter which had become an eyesore in most parts of the city. I have dedicated a Tipper and Front-End Loader to the cleaning exercise which started yesterday.

The deputy minister said the cleaning exercise will cover the whole of Bulawayo CBD.

He also revealed that, apart from providing the cleaning equipment, his company has also embarked on printing posters and fliers urging residents not to throw rubbish everywhere.

Modi added that the gesture is meant to complement the government’s anti-littering awareness programme.

The minister stressed that his gesture was not motivated by any political motive adding that he is helping as “a concerned citizen.” More:

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Amadi 7 months ago

Ndokuti Minister well done

Nyore 7 months ago

Chakanaka chakanaka well done minister not kungoba nekudya wega

Soljaker 7 months ago

Gadzirisai chaita kuti masoro uteme,this is a temporary intervention,Zimbabweans sometimes we brainwashed.I was to give him credit,if he had suggested or devised long term measures.

Four 7 months ago

@Nyore & @Amadi i think kuti this situation yewaste management iyi doesnt require short term managemnt.

Let the minister & his colleagues provide a long term solution. Pane ma deals anenge atoripo ipapo these guys they dnt do things fr mahara.


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