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Deputy Minister Arrested Over Misuse Of Presidential Farming Inputs

Deputy Minister Arrested Over Misuse Of Presidential Farming Inputs

Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement, Douglas Karoro, has been arrested on allegations of diverting to personal use farming inputs from Presidential inputs schemes.

Karoro reportedly grabbed 700 bags of fertiliser, US$18 000 worth of maize seed and 5 000 vegetable seed kits and sold them.

The inputs came from the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) Mushumbi Pools Depot in Mbire, Mashonaland Central Province, and were intended for farmers.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi Thursday night said three people suspected to be his runners were also arrested.

What transpired:

a). The state alleges that last month, Karoro approached Jeremy Phiri and told him that he was looking for buyers for 700 bags of Compound D fertiliser at US$16 per 50kg bag.

b). Phiri allegedly contacted Widdorn Chiodza, who was interested in buying the fertiliser.

c). On April 21, Phiri met Chiodza who handed over US$10 700, almost the full price.

d). Phiri then allegedly took this money to Karoro, who told him that the fertiliser was at GMB Mushumbi Depot.

e). Karoro called depot manager Ngowe and told him that he was sending trucks to collect his Compound D.

f). Ngowe allegedly asked for details of the trucks and was given contact details for Dean Zimunya and the following day Zimunya took Chiodza and three trucks to Mushumbi Pools Depot and loaded the 700 x 50kg bags of fertiliser, with Ngowe issuing goods dispatched vouchers in the name of Karoro.

g). Chiodza is said to have returned to Harare and offloaded the fertiliser at his place in Kuwadzana.

h). The following day, Chiodza allegedly received a call from Zimunya telling him to return the fertiliser saying the deal had gone sour.

i). Chiodza refused, whereupon Zimunya and Karoro allegedly then engaged Mugove Chidamba to help them recover the fertiliser from Chiodza.

j). After negotiations on April 24, Chidamba managed to recover 400 bags and refunded Chiodza US$6 400.

k). Karoro and Chidamba allegedly hired transporter Richard Tsiga to ferry the recovered 400 bags to GMB Aspindale purporting that they wanted to swap it with Ammonium Nitrate. To get the full 700 bags Chidamba went out and bought another 300 bags of Compound D from Farm & City.

l). Karoro allegedly personally escorted Tsiga with a truck loaded with 400 bags of Compound D fertiliser to GMB Aspindale for the first part of the swap deal. However, GMB Aspindale refused to accept the fertiliser on the grounds that the documentation was not properly done.

m). Karoro intervened and negotiated for the swap with the Aspindale GMB chain supply manager Obert Zhoya who then instructed Ngowe at Mushumbi to raise a depot-to-depot transfer so that they could accept the fertiliser at GMB Aspindale, which Ngowe did and sent the paperwork to Aspindale, which then accepted the 400 bags.

n). Tsiga’s truck was then loaded with 400 AN bags and he was sent to GMB Mushumbi depot, but they never arrived and this was when the whole deal started unravelling.

o). The matter came to light later when Karoro allegedly sent another truck with the extra 300 bags of Compound D bought commercially in Harare to GMB Aspindale for the second half of the swap.

p). This time Aspindale opted to use their own truck to ferry the swapped 300 bags of AN to GMB Mushumbi with a depot-to-depot transfer voucher.

q). On April 29, Ngowe confirmed receipt of the 300 bags of AN from GMB Aspindale. But that was when GMB Aspindale’s chain supply manager Zhoya quizzed Ngowe on the whereabouts of the first truck which was loaded with 400 bags of AN destined for Mushumbi depot. He was told it never arrived.

r). GMB Aspindale asked Karoro to return those 400 bags of AN to GMB Aspindale, as the swop had not taken place. Karoro contacted Tsiga, who told him that the fertiliser was offloaded at Chidamba’s place where it had been sold.

s). Karoro then went to Mbare and recovered 200 bags of AN, before engaging Tsiga to take them back to GMB Aspindale and asking Chidamba to look for the remaining 200 bags of AN.

t). On April 30, Chidamba went to Dzivaresekwa where he bought 69 bags of cotton calcium AN and 132 bags of calcium AN, which were then transported back to GMB Aspindale in the presence of Karoro.

The stolen fertilisers were worth US$27 300 and 501 bags of fertiliser, suspected to be fake, were recovered.

On the maize seed dealings, Ngowe received seed maize worth US$18 030 in March which was meant for Presidential Input Programme to benefit the Mbire Constituency.

The Herald reports he allegedly connived with Karoro and they converted the seed to their own use.

In March, Karoro allegedly received 5 000 vegetable combo kits from Valley Seeds (Private) Limited, which were supposed to be handed over to GMB Mushumbi under the Presidential Inputs Programme. He that Karoro connived with Ngowe and they converted the seed to their own use.

Karoro and Ngowe ordered GMB Mushumbi depot inputs clerk, Honesty Nyathi and security guard, Manyara Manuwere, to fraudulently book the consignment to appear as if it had been received and despatched to Karoro.

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Leee 1 month ago

NdiMp wedu wekumbire iyei aneuhori wakadero tirikumubvisa haazive zvaanoita

t 1 month ago

catch n release

Two Boy 1 month ago


We wonder why the government does not make any follow up and there are no checks and balances. Karoro is not alone.

I did not know it is possible and very easy to bring in your own goods and swap them at GMB. No questions asked. No quality checks.

Further, what about the cover up between GMB depots.This is serious.

GVT 1 month ago

@ Two Boy
Well said

Mdluli 1 month ago

The main culprits are "sactions" and the opposition that are "funded by the west" to "sabotage the economy"..... Am i right my ZANU PF friends?


Chiramba 1 month ago

Togarozvitaura kuti Zanu Pf izere ne corruption hezvo Karoro wenyu uyo haazi iye chete even kuno ku Chipinge itayi follow up places like ku DAISYHILL Flenters muferefete ma chairman ma Sabhuku na MAMBO panobatwa huori hurikuitika ikoko ndokuti mu Zanu Pf corruption ipere

chiramba lite 1 month ago

itawoka chairmen wechibhorani kana chairmen wepa primary xul,unodyawo shamwari

Dr Herc 1 month ago

Catch and release is the name of the song.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Kana mamuvharira mobva mamuvharira nekusingaperi. Hatidi kuzonzwa kuti avhurirwa

Asalif 1 month ago

@ The fiend you are being tribalistic I think it does not concern what we should be discussing can't waste my precious little time for that , have a good day 👋👋

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Good bye Asarif, don't come back you tribalist.

aturo hemano 1 month ago

anyone still remember Henrietta rushwaya ? yakapisa nyaya yake akanzi asungwa akuenda ku jeri but where is she now? akatodzoswa pachigaro! NB this comment is not about Henrietta rushwaya

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

Biti is on the most holiest of pedastals. He's just a saint and cannot do any wrong. That's a problem

aturo hemano 1 month ago

9 chii? ndozvamoudzwa na sabhuku venyu pasi pemuhacha ikoko, iwe na sekuru vako Robert ndimi makaba 15 billion ku chiyadzwa zvakaendepi stop thinking with your **** lad

Leave a Comment 1 month ago

So what ? why not talk of Bit who stole 9 Billion from the gvt

STALIN 1 month ago

Ndoo kut zanu pf ikoko

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This was a good arrest. There is clear evidence that Karoro is going to be convicted and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. A good example must be set.


Asalif 1 month ago

Karoro is not going to jail, you will see , he will be granted bail and thats the last time you will hear about him.

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

I'm so angry with Pindula for deleting my valuable comments yesterday because I'm Ndebele. Look at this rubbish writing by these guys, especially the @Ndini ndadaro comment. DELETE IT!

Pindula Comment Delecter 1 month ago

MaNdevere hamuna kudzidza. That's why l personally delected that comment of yoz nezuro. We can't have ma comments of people who rape and kill other fellow Africans in this platform. Nonsense!!!

Ndini Ndadaroo 1 month ago

Freedom of speech wangu. Usaradziwee

Asalif 1 month ago

The deal just got sour, is not the only one into this Tino Machakaire is the biggest culprit he collected seed and fertilizer with just a phone call at any GMB depot in the country

Dirigsme 1 month ago

Small piranha fish caught. Karoro is a greenhorn in this game. The big fish are at State House. The big stealing that will never be reported is happening in daylight & perpetrated by the First family. No one will ask them. They are protected by the Zanu Pf constitution. They enjoy unfettered immunity. They are insulated by the ZRP. And shielded by the ZNA. And promoted by ZBC. Insured by ZACC and defended by George Charamba.

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

We cry day in day out that sanctions have wrecked havoc on our economy, when infact it's looting by those we consider to be our rulers (not our leaders). Zimbabwe is really cursed guys. Ndabvuma hangu.

Ed 1 month ago

Team re zanu.. Now imagine ma deals asina kubatwa kut mangani... Ma zanu ma tsotsi boyz.. Let's vote zanu pf out

Ndini Ndadaroo 1 month ago

This was a CCC operation. Karoro was promised a VP post by Chamisa, that's why he stole all these presidential inputs to fund broke CCC...More details to follow

GVT 1 month ago

@Ndini Ndadaro Dzimwe njere so; unotoshaya kuti dzichiri mumusoro chaimo here kana kuti dzava kuma shoulders

Alin 1 month ago

You think like a person who doesn't think

Me 1 month ago

You think like a toddler

Citizen 1 month ago

thus this far zanu has destroyed the country

Bata 1 month ago

system yose inoda kusungwa haasiriye ega even Mnangagwa wacho ngasungwe nyika ino yakapfuma mhani but corruption is our major problem here in Zimbabwe every year more than 2 billions inobiwa nembavha idzi
vote for change ccc

POLAD 1 month ago

Handiti wazviona "When you hear senior government officials saying such things they want to vent their anger on suffering and innocent money changers yet they are the very criminals who are taking money from the RBZ distributing it to their agents on the streets. When you think about cleansing our home please start with the top government officials."

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