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Deposit Protection Corporation CEO, Vusilizwe Vuma, Resigns

Deposit Protection Corporation CEO, Vusilizwe Vuma, Resigns

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the Deposit Protection Corporation (DPC), Vusilizwe Vuma has resigned.

In a public notice, the chairperson of the board of directors, Agmos Moyo said:

The board of directors of the Deposit Protection Corporation announces the resignation of Mr Vusilizwe Vuma as chief executive officer of the corporation effective 1 April 2022.

The board would like to further advise that Mr Gift Chirozva has been appointed as the acting CEO of DPC.

The details of the CEO’s substantive replacement will be announced at a later date, bearing in mind that the recruitment process has already been initiated (in terms of the provisions of the Public Entities Corporate Governance Act (Chapter 10:31) to determine Mr Vuma’s succession.

DPC would like to thank Mr Vuma for his service to the corporation and wishes him every success in his future endeavours.

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xxx 1 month ago

pane zviri kuda kuitwa and he cannot stand it

Chen 1 month ago

Better off you resign , instead the whole DPC should resign , our fathers who were looted their pension money and promised with DPC that they are going to get something never recieved anything. Another useless entity in Zim, just state pawns.

xyz 1 month ago

arikutizei......tichadzinzwa soon

jiop 1 month ago

haina basa zvayo yakafanana neNSSA pension funds

mdhara uyo taive naye kuBritish council achida kuregister english

ndakazomuona kuti kuWestagate kuEmbassy achimhanyisa mhanyisa visiting visa

mzaya 1 month ago

yakafanana neNSSA pension contribuyion dept ayina basa rakanyanya iyo

same same neAAG yaana Passion Java iye

Internet... 1 month ago

Is running away from the instability caused by printing of $100 note which results in highly inflationary economic environment. Deposits of hardworking innocent Zimbabweans are no longer safe. So you can't brave sitting on a chair which has been set on fire by the RBZ chief.

Kule 1 month ago

DPC inoita nezveyi gara zviya?


Total mari United 1 month ago


Mutadza 1 month ago

kungobuda zvisina notice

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