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Deploying Soldiers For Census Good For Accountability, Says Madhuku

Deploying Soldiers For Census Good For Accountability, Says Madhuku

Commentators have expressed mixed feelings over the involvement of members of the security sector in the upcoming 2022 National Population and Housing Census.

On Tuesday, Acting Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Jenfan Muswere said teachers, youth and other civil servants from the security sector have been recruited as enumerators for the census.

Speaking to NewsDay on Wednesday, constitutional lawyer and National Constitutional Assembly party leader Lovemore Madhuku said there was nothing wrong with the move. He said:

They are just like any other civil servants who are entitled to benefit from such programmes.

World over, soldiers are also involved in national exercises such as the census.

Do we question the involvement of soldiers in other social circles, say attending church services, for instance?

In actual fact, the involvement of soldiers could improve accountability of the whole process.

However, human rights lawyer Alec Muchadehama said the Government is trying to buy loyalty from the security sector. Said Muchadehama:

The recruitment should have been publicised and in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

Government was at loggerheads with teachers who are usually recruited as enumerators over the issue of salaries and it then scratched the majority of them off the census programme.

In one way, the government is trying to buy loyalty from the security sector.

There is no doubt that just like any other civil servants, the security forces know that their salaries are not enough so when they are recruited they then get extra money from the programme, and they will then remain loyal to the paymaster.

Political analyst Effie Ncube bemoaned what he described as the militarisation of the census. He said:

The militarisation of the census is as bad as the militarisation of the electoral process. This can only lead to rigged results.

The militarisation also endangers democratic accountability as required by the Constitution as it will be difficult to bring the members of the security sector to account, given the circumstances.

Zimbabwe Statistics Agency (ZimStats) spokesperson Mercy Chidemo said members of the security forces were recruited to cover cantonments areas where civilian enumerators cannot enumerate for security reasons.

More: NewsDay

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Machiavelli 1ย month ago

Singing for his supper...
Justifying his POLAD vehicle, nothing else 1ย month ago

first security sectors are not trained to deal with the public can I deal with a soldier who is trained to be aggressive he can not understand the public we need ppeople who can deal with civilians not someone who is trained to kill to execute with no mercy
I have worked with security forces they can not deal with majority of citizens

๐Ÿฅธ 1ย month ago

Vanhu vanovhunduka

Mqo 1ย month ago



ketty 1ย month ago

why is it that all polad members no1 fiels their candidates in the 26 march by elections

Machiavelli 1ย month ago

Because ZANU was there for them. They couldn't oppose Big Brother

Head mastee 1ย month ago

musoro bhangu

LngDck 1ย month ago

chemusoro ........Head office

THE FIEND 1ย month ago

Maduku chinondinakidza kwauri musoro wako mpfaname

Pyachu 1ย month ago

Vybz Kartel you are a product of an escaped s.p.e.r.m from a c.o.n.d.o.m

VYBZ KARTEL 1ย month ago

Getaway fokoro mhani

kangara 1ย month ago

kunze uku 80% yema Zimbabweans haina mabasa but mukutora ma civil servants vagara varipabasa kare vachitohora.
why don't you take marovha aya asinawo mabasa but ivo vakadzidza????????????????????????

ๅƒๅ‡ตๅ‡ แŽถ า ๅ‡ต 1ย month ago

Been asking myself the same question for years . Maybe its for easy assessment bcoz they r already in the gvmnmnt workforce BUT still engage the unemployed first n balance things

The King of Serpents 1ย month ago

I totally agree with you 100%

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