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Delta Records Significant Growth In Beer, Sparkling Beverages Volumes

Delta Records Significant Growth In Beer, Sparkling Beverages Volumes

Delta Corporation Zimbabwe Limited on 28 July released its business update for the first quarter that ended on 30 June 2022. Here are the highlights:

  • Lager Beer: The lager beer volume grew by 19% for the quarter compared to prior year. The volume recovery is underpinned by an improved supply of brands and packs which has benefitted from the injection of returnable glass.
  • Sorghum Beer: The Sorghum beer volume in Zimbabwe grew by 14% for the quarter compared to prior year, driven by the standard Chibuku (Scud) product.
  • Sparkling Beverages: The Sparkling Beverages volume grew by 32% for the quarter and continues to recover market share.
  • Wines and Spirits: The volume at African Distillers Limited (Afdis) grew by 18% for the quarter.

Company Secretary F Musinga said Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited recorded a volume growth of 9% for the quarter, which was constrained by a shortage of fruit juices for the flagship Mazoe Orange Crush.

She said the local supply of fruit juices has resumed as the harvesting season commenced in June 2022.

Musinga also said Group revenue grew by 55% for the quarter in inflation-adjusted terms compared to growth of 283% in historical cost terms.

Delta noted that the operating environment in the country remains complex and challenging.

The company said its focus will be on business continuity in the face of rapid policy changes, rising global and local inflation and the uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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Ariston Chambati 2 months ago

Signs of a dead economy. The few dollars one gets, one would rather drown sorrows in the waters of joy than do anything else. Look at the bigger picture...

Mutuvi 2 months ago

Plus vanhu havana formal jobs. Kungorimukira vachingwavha kudaro.

c 2 months ago

haunyep rikungomukirwa coz hakuna mabasa kkkkk

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