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Delimitation Report: Warren Park MP Tells ZEC To Restore His Constituency

Delimitation Report: Warren Park MP Tells ZEC To Restore His Constituency

Warren Park Member of Parliament, Shakespear Hamauswa, has urged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to restore his constituency to its 2018 status.

ZEC indicated in the Delimitation Preliminary Report that it is proposing to collapse the constituency for the 2023 general elections.

According to Open Parly, Hamauswa argues that the constituency has the required number of voters, therefore, collapsing it will be a violation of the law. He told the National Assembly:

My first recommendation is drawn from the Ad hoc Committee Report, item number, paragraph c, which raised a principle that when ZEC was collapsing constituencies, it was supposed to collapse constituencies with lower votes, moving them to constituencies with high numbers of registered voters. 

I want to refer specifically to Warren Park Constituency. Warren Park Constituency Mr. Speaker Sir, according to the 2018 registered voters, it had 32 186 votes but it is surprising that this constituency was collapsed.  It is a deviation from the principle that was raised by the Ad hoc Committee and also which is stated in the report that ZEC also highlighted that they were following that principle, whereby constituencies with high votes were supposed to stand.  In this case, one of the wards from Warren Park Constituency, Ward 5 which had 16 095 votes was moved to Harare Central, whilst Ward 15 which had 17 774 votes was combined with Ward 6 of Kambuzuma and it was named Mufakose, which is something that needs to be corrected. My recommendation is that Warren Park Constituency should also be added into the annexure of the Ad hoc Committee Report where they indicated that there are specific situations which need to be corrected.

He added that the Warren Park Constituency has features of interest which include the Museum of African Liberation, the Heroes Acre, and the Provincial Heroes Acre, therefore it must not be dismantled. 

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cid 1 week ago

saka zvekuti ku Warren park kune heroes acre ne museum zvebasa rei ne delimitation

cas 1 week ago

kkkkk taura hako

Shakespeare 1 week ago

Cas&cid mofara kuti ndiite rovha nhaika

Führer 1 week ago

Haya mafungiro ema CCC 🥴

Doug 1 week ago

Why was it said that a Census has to be done before Delimitation when the Census figures seem not to be considered?

daddy jay 1 week ago

Census I biased iye unoona most ppl won't get counted lets say men are in gold panning,sanyatu,mazoe,shamva,binaural akusvike ma enumerators ikoko coz of poor road network then back home vanonzi we dnt count them coz we're they are ,they are being counted so it's double counting yet no double counting,tikaenda Kuma gold panning areas kunogina kutoita a full constituency kuye but the fact that no1 will go there leaves the whole process biased

Kambuzuma Section 3 1 week ago

Warren Park urgently needs a new MP.Hanzi delimitation should consider kuti Warren Park ine Heroes Acre.Mafungiro a MP here aya?

Chinese zodiac 1 week ago

kkkkk MP abva afunga nevari kumakuva padelimition iyi ana Chibaba vevamwe saka haasi kuda kunzwa izvozvo zvamukutura kuti constituancy yake ine vanhu vashoma azvirambaa 😅😅😅


Tateguru 1 week ago

Zvangooma hazvo

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