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Delimitation Process: Election Watchdog Bemoans Inaccessibility Of The Voters' Roll

Delimitation Process: Election Watchdog Bemoans Inaccessibility Of The Voters' Roll

The Election Resource Centre (ERC), a local watchdog, has bemoaned the inaccessibility of the electronic voters’ roll saying it will be difficult to know if the delimitation process is being done the right way.

ERC says the US$1 per page translating to US$187 000 for the entire hard copy of the voters’ roll is out of reach for many hence the need for the commission to avail the electronic copy which is pegged at US$200.

In an interview with Open Parly the ERC Executive director Babra Ontibile Bhebe said ZEC told them that they are open to dialogue but encouraged them to be patient. Bhebhe said:

The Commission stated that it is not averse to engaging or dialoguing with the ERC but requested the organization to be patient until the completion of the delimitation of electoral boundaries exercises due year-end.

… people cannot have access to the voters roll to be used for the delimitation of constituencies, they lack the ability to participate meaningfully in the process and hold the Commission to account for whatever outcomes of that process.

Without a national voters roll publicly accessible at reasonable cost it is impossible to know if the boundaries created by the process have followed the law and if indeed votes are equal.

Opposition parties and Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) are on record demanding for an auditable voters’ roll maintaining that access to it would enhance the credibility of the election process.

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Vesto 1 month ago

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1 month ago

Nzvonyora vharazipi your brain is showing

patriot 1 month ago

ko pa voters roll ndopane maths dzacho dzese ka dze rigging ipapo saka haripiwe munhu zvekumanya.

Gb 1 month ago

Hapana chiri kwa Nzonyora uko kana iye haafi akaita sebenzi kurasa vhoti achisa pari no kuti unoziva chibaba chake zanu pf
PASI naChamatama, panachamisa

1 month ago

Dai dzaED dzichidhonzawo dai asiya chigaro machine chiremera

1 month ago

Pindula people um sorry u thought ndakutyityidzirai earlier but that waz not the point uyo anozviti victim anga apindura zvizizvo ndandimuisa chandoo or moto muburugwa
Using the word CIO as a name doesn't mean um part of the club
Um sorry I won't use it anymore

Bhozhoi 1 month ago

Ok musazodaroo chibaba vanhu vanovhunduka kaa

👤 1 month ago

hatitye hativhunduke isu hausiwe watanga

pio 1 month ago

munhu wese akadhakwa akutozviita mucio😂😂😂😂

Andrew Tate 1 month ago

Guys whose the owner of Pindula

1 month ago


Bhozhoi 1 month ago

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haunditume kab iasi 1 month ago

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techzim 1 month ago


Chamisa bhaibhai 1 month ago

haaa ndarota uchinzi hako ende CCC yacho uchinzi munoitirei zvisiko .hako ende CCC yacho haiko iyi

,,,, dott 1 month ago

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zupco 1 month ago

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Zuze 1 month ago

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Zupco 1 month ago

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Zupco 1 month ago

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Zupco 1 month ago

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Shampoo 1 month ago

Imi tipei magetsi. Vision 2030 my foot

I have a ask 1 month ago

ndozvinoitwawo here kune dzimwe nyoka zvinoita ne zec,?

I have a ask 1 month ago

ndozvinoitwawo here kune dzimwe nyika zvinoita ne zec,?

Maparamuro 1 month ago

This commission is supposed to answer to parliament, when stakeholders are not happy or satisfied with its performance they should report it to parliament. Why is parliament silent about all these complaints about ZEC????

1 month ago

Our parliament does not have the right calibre of parliamentarians who know the order of business they should be pursuing. Only a handful qualify for the positions they hold. The majority are there for various reasons, with some who have been handpicked because they were just empty vessels making loud noises, while some knew someone of higher positions and others got there because they were assigned to please their masters by making the numbers count. If we are to compare our portfolio parliamentarians with that of, say UK for example, you will discover that we are worlds apart. Ours is in an deplorable state. They can not debate but are very very good at arguing. So expecting any meaningful outcomes from the business of our parliament is like expecting a decent meal from children's cooking play.

I wonder 1 month ago

zvinoitwa ne zec ndozvinoitika kune dzimwe nyika here

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