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Deductions Push Teachers Deeper Into Poverty

Deductions Push Teachers Deeper Into Poverty

A steep upward review in premiums by service providers and unexplained deductions by the Government have pushed civil servants deeper into poverty.

Last week, some teachersโ€™ bank accounts were credited with as little as ZW$3 000 against a monthly family food basket of six pegged at about ZW$110 000.

A snap survey by the Zimbabwe Independent revealed that some funeral service providers increased premiums to about ZW$11 000.

Unions representing teachers accuse the Government of unilaterally deducting part of teachersโ€™ salaries for taking part in a strike last term.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou told the Zimbabwe Independent that the union was gathering evidence of such deductions for court action. Zhou said:

I think it is mandatory that the government, through the parent ministry, tells us the criteria they are using to deduct the money. Why do they have to rob a poor man?

The deductions are illegal, callous and a monument to unfair labour practice.

Natural justice dictates that the principle of hearing the other side is fundamental before a decision is taken against anyone.

Therefore, if the employer, in its wisdom or lack of it, thought it had a case against the employees, due process was supposed to have been done, which is an investigation, preference of charges, inviting each employee for a hearing, carrying out the hearing then determination with reasons for the decision.

An official from the Salary Services Bureau (SSB) told the publication that some teachers are now taking home less after one of the countryโ€™s leading funeral service providers increased premiums. Said the official:

One of the leading funeral service providers increased premiums so much that some members had in excess of ZW$11 000 deducted.

My wife, who is a teacher, had a net salary of ZW$3 676,86 after the funeral service provider deducted ZW$11 160.

Zimbabwean teachers earn gross monthly salaries ranging between ZW$20 000 (US$53) and ZW$30 000 (US$80).

Their South African counterparts earn an average of R24 000 (US$1 468) a month while teachers in Namibia earn about 12 900 NAD (US$866).

More: The Independent

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g 1ย month ago

kuurawa chaiko, penga muraidzi penga. hapana kusiri kufa apa

Jah๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ผTsvarie-07 1ย month ago

ZOLA 7 song
if ungekho sure mfana buyela ekhaya
angfuni kusasa bengqoqodelwa amapoyisa
asazi lasiya khona mfana ngyogaxa
kulabafana langaphandle baxova abantwana
if they try that shi t ngzoshiyakukhalwa

i will smoke in the club, ngzoshisinkawuza
ngxove i microphone ngshukumise lebandla
ngbambi beer ngthathi corner
kuzokhuza u club owner...

Mwana wa teacher 1ย month ago

Bring back my mum's payslip ndimoona Maths dzacho

Billboard Of Public Opinions 1ย month ago

The government of Zimbabwe led by ZANU pf will never and has always looking down upon our teachers in Zimbabwe. You remember Mugabe jokingly said neniwo ndatove teacher I left the profession koz hazvibhadhare and nesuwo taitosekerera mukuru we nyika achitaura rubbish dzakadaro and today we expect his successor still of the same oppressive party to turn around the lifestyle our our teachers? The only way out of this mess is by voting them out of the system lest we die crying.

Mai Ro 1ย month ago

But to be honest, these teachers are already earning tousands of us$ from the pablic through charging for extra lessons. Teachers are reaping more than the schools are getting from parents. Imagine a class of 45 pupils each paying abt 4 to 5 us $ per week for these so called extra lessons.. How much will each child pay to that teacher in a term of 3 months?? Teachers are the ones vari kutora mari yemarema. They shud not pretend like we dont know...

Student 1ย month ago

Iwe mai Ro kwana musoro bandamba saaaa ukuda vadii regaka kuendesa wako mwana kumaExtra lesson iwewe uriwe ungafirira zvisina mari or unoita zvine mari kuti urarame???????

.. 1ย month ago

manje mai Ro homework murikutodii kumba koko nemaspelling amusngagon. ini my dad is a teacher kumaruzevha hakuna kana ari willing kuita ma extra lessons chero emahara acho. saka matousands amukitaura akubvepi. nxaaa

BUOY 1ย month ago

@maiRo tangai magona spelling yapublic mozotaura nyaya yenyu

Gogodera 1ย month ago

Mai Ro muite mushe imi. ma eke akabhanwa

Tozivepiko 1ย month ago

Mai To you don't know what you are saying. In which school is your child paying five dollars a week for extra lessons? Are you able to pay fifteen dollars a week for your primary school kids plus monthly rent and termly fees plus buying food? How much do you earn Mai Ro, or is your husband related to the chefs who loot national resources? I wonder!!!


Sca 1ย month ago

Vote CCC

Bobo 1ย month ago

Mai Ro I hope kuti Ro is not like you.

๐Ÿ…ผ๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ†…๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ†‰๐Ÿ…ฐ 1ย month ago

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Bigger Zuze 1ย month ago

Chokwadi try ari kushandira mahara make or no ma eke . education gone down the drain.Povo yaka Maka ma teacher, hendei tione nema slave wages.

R'G 1ย month ago

This gvt inopa hasha

Tollie Tunu 1ย month ago

This is very painful,, teachers are laders of suscess,,all those ministers, doctors, president and so on comes from the hands of teachers,,may the government have mercy on teachers ,,the bright future of our children is from teachers ,what kind of Zimbabwe should be without education,,,Our president took the money and give soldiers who does nothing than giving teachers who work hard to bring brightness in our country,,,this is so shemfull ,May the President open eyes and see

marororo 1ย month ago

hapana chozikanwa navo

dignity for the teacher 1ย month ago

ndinoti ndikatarira nekufunga hupenyu hwaticha ndorwadziwa. ndipo paunonzwa rimwe tichitaura zve extra lesson.. wakamanikidzwa here and how many teachers are conducting extra lessons. in some areas hakuna chinonzi extra lesson. kana paine vatatu vari kuita malessons does that benefit every teacher. ivai nemoyo wekunzwirawo teacher tsitsi

bishu 1ย month ago

zimbabwe yaane chirwere chinenge zvinoita mvura. inopudura nepari nyore. vabereki ndivo vatakura mutoro wematicha wekubhadhara Us$ ravasina kuti mwana adzidze. dziri kuvakwa dzimba nemari yema xtra lessons. havasi vese asi zviriko. push kune least resistance. kakara kununa kudya kamwe.

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