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Death Penalty, No Voting Rights For "Traitors"

Death Penalty, No Voting Rights For

Amendments to the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act which were approved by Cabinet last Tuesday are set to introduce tough penalties for citizens found guilty of harming the country’s national interests.

Citizens who would invite a military attack on Zimbabwe from a hostile foreign government through private correspondence will face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Those who campaign for economic sanctions and trade restrictions would be liable to imprisonment for a period of up to five years.

According to the proposed new law, citizens who actively encourage sanctions on Zimbabwe would be barred from voting, registering as voters, and holding public office for up to 15 years. Reads the Bill’s memorandum:

Our Constitutional order of Zimbabwe that is based on parliamentary democracy affords many avenues for aggrieved citizens to redress their wrongs, including against the State.

It is therefore improper for citizens and residents of Zimbabwe to implement measures that undermine our sovereignty, dignity and independence as a nation. This (new) clause will criminalise such conduct.

According to the Bill, any citizen or permanent resident of Zimbabwe who actively participates in meetings whose object involves imposing sanctions or trade embargo against Zimbabwe shall be guilty of wilfully damaging the sovereignty and national interest of Zimbabwe. It reads:

Upon conviction, the courts can impose a fine not exceeding level 10 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or both; additionally or alternatively on the motion of the prosecutor, to any one or more of the following, if the offence is attended by aggravating circumstances — termination of the citizenship of the convicted person, if the convicted person is a citizen by registration or a dual citizen: Provided that the convicting court shall not impose this penalty if it would effectively render the convicted person stateless; cancellation of the permanent resident status of the convicted person, if the convicted person is a permanent resident; or prohibition from being registered as a voter or voting at an election for a period of at least five years but not exceeding fifteen years.

The Bill also says those convicted of actively encouraging sanctions will be prohibited:

… from filling a public office for a period of at least five years but not exceeding fifteen (15) years, and, if he or she holds any such office, the convicting court may declare that that office shall be vacated by the convicted person from the date of his or her conviction, unless the tenure of the public office in question is regulated exclusively by or in terms of the Constitution.

If the amendments are passed into law, Zimbabwean citizens who call for military or other armed intervention in Zimbabwe by a foreign government will face the death penalty. It reads:

Any citizen or permanent resident of Zimbabwe who, within or outside Zimbabwe, actively partakes (whether himself or herself or through an agent, and whether on his or her own initiative or at the invitation of the foreign government concerned or any of its agents, proxies or entities) in any meeting whose object the accused knows or has reasonable grounds for believing involves the consideration of or the planning for – military or other armed intervention in Zimbabwe by the foreign government concerned or another foreign government, or by any of their agents, proxies or entities; or subverting, upsetting, overthrowing or overturning constitutional government in Zimbabwe; shall be guilty of wilfully damaging the national interest of Zimbabwe and liable to — the same penalties as for treason; or the same penalties as for subverting constitutional government, in a case referred to in paragraph (b).

ZANU PF director for information and publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, welcomed the Bill, saying “national interests are sacrosanct to all Zimbabweans, notwithstanding their differences, political or otherwise.” | The Sunday Mail

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Chinese zodiac 2 months ago

Thus a good move, this is our country not Britain's or American so our sovereignity should be considered and recognised, if u are a rebel here is yr punishment.You will be suprised that someone lustfully eyeing and dreaming to be the president whilst he begs for sunctions from foreign govenments that man is a sellout and he will keep on dreaming and bucking whilst the ruling people's party rules

2 months ago

Shame I feel sorry for your poor mentality.

2 months ago

Thats good and even in America they have the same laws

2 months ago

The same people who claim to have liberated this nation from the then oppressive government sought military training and armament from countries as far as Asia and within Africa. The same people who massacred thousands of people through their Gukurahundi brainchild should be arrested and tried under their new law and see if they will come out clean.

Jack Bauer 2 months ago

It is also not for Russia or China..
..manga masirira mkuru

Nonsense 2 months ago

Zanu pf afraid of CCC pama elections mitemo yeudzvinyiri kuda kuramba vachitonga vachiba zvicherwa zvenyika vachipa ma Chinese kubhadhara new Chinese Parliament ku Mt Hampden iko ndozviripo kusainyara imbwa dzavanhu Mugwadi to hell enda kuna tevera Kudzai Chipanga

2 months ago

Abusing Zimbabweans rights... Sad state of affairs.

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

The evilest sellouts are the ones giving away Zimbabwe's gold, diamonds, platinum & lithium in exchange for personal bribes. Those who smuggle gold to Saudi Arabia should face the death penalty. Those who buy ZUPCO Buses at falsified & inflated prices are undermining our sovereignty & should face the death penalty.

Unpatriotic individuals are the ones who loot from COTCO & do not build roads after receiving full payment. Snakes & empty headed serpents support all evil machinations aimed at keeping corrupt, unelected & unelectable gerontocrats & harridans in power.

Ancestral lands and holy places are freely given to dragon-worshipping squint-eyed Chinese & ancestral graves are exhumed; is that not the worst sort of betrayal of one's nation? Corruption, electoral theft, human rights violations & murder of opposition supporters is also unpatriotic, & those who practice the above named crimes against humanity are the ones who invited targeted sanctions on themselves. Now that the murderous mafia & criminal cartels running the regime want to go shopping at Harrods, Marks & Spencer as well as bank looted money in Wall Street New York; they promise to murder anyone standing in their way.

Joe 2 months ago

Well said 👏
And these civil servants in power think 🤔 they are Monarchs who own Zimbabwe and the people are there to serve them.
2023 we need freedom.

2 months ago

You said it well. These people busy enacting laws ekudzvinyirira vanhu, kunze kuti dai vaisa mitemo inosunga corrupt officials .

Jimbo 2 months ago

Worzell waotaura chokwadi chemazvokwadi.

Vega👽 2 months ago

@Gummidge i salute u.....u said it all


2 months ago

other countries even America have these kind of laws... No matter who you are or us who hate the government shouldnt advocate for measures that harm our country,we can diasgree but put Zimbabwe first.

Fact check 2 months ago

You are wrong. In Europe, Britain and America you can stand on a pedistal in the middle of town and shout your displeasure at the government and they will not arrest you for they respect your rights. It's only in countries like North Korea, China, Iran, Russia, Middle East.. etc that will arrest you and even kill you.

professor 2 months ago

@worzell well said you are numero uno

Fact Check you are wrong 2 months ago

This law isnt stopping you from critisising your government is it??? And Yes in America if you share sensitive info with another country, invite other countries to interfere in their internal affairs you are charged e,g Julian Asange and others are a casing point.

ndunge 2 months ago

2023zanu out haumanikidze donky kumwa mvura

@@worzell 2 months ago

thank you so much for this eye opening piiece of writing

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Am a referee in this case and i say play on no foul play, Sanctions were designed to make citizens turn against their government
Koffi Anaan...

2 months ago

Nonsense poor thinking.

@ jah tsvarie 2 months ago

mdara munomara mutomboriwo ne1 shamwari.

seme order 2 months ago

ZANU yapera amana handei tovota tose muoone kuti haimire

2 months ago

pindula must add like & dislike button on comment section

Mdc 4ED 2 months ago

Zanuoids are celebrating but soon we will find ourselves breaking the law without even realising it. Kutopemberera n'anga inobata uroyi newa amai

Vaye vaye 2 months ago

The problem with some deranged elements is that if you do not subscribe to their warped line of thought you are unpatriotic.

2 months ago


Hangman 2 months ago

Mapanga ndaanawo, pfuti iripo futi, kkkkk
Umwee anonyuraaa chete bhozhoi
Magetsi arikuenda enda they are not reliable we use other options to certify yo need

Mramb 2 months ago


CIO 2 months ago

Lyf in jail irinane death penalty marwadzo auvati kujeri coz anytym is tea time

2 months ago

Does this Amendment apply retroactively to include Jenarari who sought Chinese support for his coup in 2017?

MAX 2 months ago

What kinda democracy is this? Is it even a crime kutaura zvaukufunga?

2 months ago

Kuti opposition inyarare kana Election rabigwa.

nitho 2 months ago

its long over due

Terror King 2 months ago

Wedzerai sanction tirikutoda

citizen 1 month ago

What is the difference between Zanu(pf govt. and the Rhodesia Front govt. vis a vis the poor black citizens of this country.

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