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Death Of Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect Leader "Shocked" ED

Death Of Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect Leader

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he was shocked by the untimely passing away of the leader of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church, the self-proclaimed High Priest St Noah Taguta Momberume.

The polygamist died in April this year and was believed to have been in his 90s.

He was succeeded by one of his sons, Mutumwa Nimrod Taguta, who took over both the church and the family in May.

President Mnangagwa attended the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church during its annual Passover at Mafararikwa Shrine in Marange on Saturday.

Addressing thousands of pilgrims who had gathered at the shrine, Mnangagwa said he had never spoken before such a humongous crowd. He said:

I was shocked and saddened by the death of my close friend, St Noah Taguta. When I received news of his death, I could not believe it as we had met the previous month.

He was in the company of his son, the new High Priest. Little did I know that he was introducing me to the new leader of this church.

Despite his youthfulness, High Priest Nimrod has shown great leadership qualities as evidenced by successfully organising this year’s annual Passover gathering, which is oversubscribed.

I have never addressed such a big crowd and I am at a loss for words.

Mnangagwa promised to continue assisting the apostolic sect to construct more schools.

The sect built St Noah Group of Schools comprising St Noah One and Two, St Abel, St Zachariah, St Makaab as well as St Arnold One and Two.

It has several farms in Chipinge and Nyazura and also electrified Taguta Village and constructed a modern football pitch in rural Mafararikwa.

The Johane Marange Apostolic Church, which has the largest number of mapostori (white garment) followers in Marange, is notorious for child marriages.

Last year, a 15-year-old girl, Anna Machaya, died during childbirth at the Marange shrine in Bocha and was allegedly buried in a secret place.

The man responsible for the pregnancy, Hatirarami Momberume, coincidentally shares the same surname as the late Mutumwa Noah Taguta Momberume, though it is not known whether the two are related or not.

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xyz 3 weeks ago

kkkk shocked kuti spiritual father yakafa.

??? 3 weeks ago

kkk shiri inozongofa

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

Kachurch aka soo😂😂😂
But chimbomirai zvekuroora maunderage

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Anyone who is shocked by the death of a 90-year onld nanogenarian in a country whose health standards have plummeted so low that the life expectancy of the country is now 36 years is living in cloud-cuckooland. It would be hilarious if that person was not a Whole President of the country. Under normal circumstances someone who has lived to be 90, we would normally say they have lived a full life and deserve to rest lest they become a burden to society, Pampers and all.

Our worry should be with the 20-year old who are departing this life before they pay back to society for the education they would have received etc. Ee should be more concerned with lengthening those truncated lives, rather than mourning for geriatrics who have very little else to contribute to society.

At 80, the shocked person should be considering leaving public service to spend more time with grandchildren rather than shedding crocodile tears.

I am tempted to ask this question:- Is he really mourning Taguta or is he mourning himself as he is looking into his own grave?

chihera 3 weeks ago

That statement inoyera
you may even die.irst
what hatred is thar
endas ku churcht

The Citizens Forum 3 weeks ago

The ONLY reason why ED keeps on going there is to bribe the electorate. His sweat talk there to vapostory is merely a political gimic, vote buying. I am a mupostory wekwa Marange myself, hatina zvakawanda zvatinoda kuita muhupenyu. In our church, one big achievement a man can attain is to have several wife's to bear many children. We don't care about our children's future, sending them to school is not a priority. Our children are luck if they finish grade 7. Therefore, with this kind of attitude and ignorance towards the future of our children, we are comfortable with this current leadership koz in them we expect nothing good or bad, our happiness is in heaven.

Do you know that with all the tec advancements which have globalised the whole world into ONE VILLAGE, isu kwedu ku church we are not allowed to use WhatsApp, Facebook and any other form of social media. Mutumwa Taguta told us to desist from WhatsApp as it is unholy? ED follows Mugabe's footsteps of buying our votes by sweat talking to us. And kwedu ku church ED is guaranteed of our votes. However, our votes are not enough to make Zanu pf win the electione because many of my church mates don't have national identity documents so they can not vote.

The Philosopher 3 weeks ago

@The Citizen Forum
Your long essay is a much ado about nothing sensible.
You seem not to know the meaning of campaigning.

Chinese zodiac 3 weeks ago

Ukawana nguva ukwane !!! @citizenforum

ED 3 weeks ago

Vukurai ini ndiri kuto campainer Soo.Crowd puller!!


🎱⚪ 3 weeks ago

Shiri inozongo singa black n white

fifi 3 weeks ago

fine church

fifi 3 weeks ago

politics & worshipping The Lord mix not kkkkkkk.

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