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Deals Made In Absence Of Legitimate ZIFA Board Are Null And Void - ZIFA

Deals Made In Absence Of Legitimate ZIFA Board Are Null And Void - ZIFA

The Zimbabwe Football Association has warned stakeholders about entering into agreements with illegitimate representatives of the association saying such deals are null and void. There has been confusion following the suspension of the ZIFA board over alleged maladministration. Pindula News presents the association’s statement:


The Board has learnt through various media articles that certain decisions that are a preserve of the ZIFA Board are being taken on behalf of ZIFA. The ZIFA Board would want to inform all stakeholders that any such decisions, contracts or agreements reached under the auspices of ZIFA are null and void ab initio and therefore of no legal effect. The ZIFA Board advises stakeholders that anyone who goes into contractual relationship with ZIFA in the absence or without express authority of the legitimate ZIFA Board is doing so at their own risk and that ZIFA will not honor any obligations arising out of such agreements even is such are on ZIFA letterheads or purportedly signed by any member of the ZIFA secretariat but without express ZIFA Board authority. Of particular note is the fact that the ZIFA Board has not appointed any National Team Coach neither have it appointed any Acting General Secretary

As mentioned in our previous releases Mr Mamutse remains the bonafide and substantive CEO of ZIFA but like the ZIFA Board has also been physically precluded from carrying out his lawful duties by the SRC even after an appeal was lodged.

We urge all stakeholders to be very careful on the agreements they may think they are entering with ZIFA and the risk such may carry in terms of FIFA statutes. We urge these to demand that they sign whatever contracts with the real institution they are contracting, which in this case is the SRC, with to safeguard and enforce their interests in cases of defaults. The ZIFA Board also note that the SRC Board has illegally usurped the ZIFA Board powers by clandestinely assuming the role of an interim committee and such is totally against FIFA and ZIFA statutes.

Once again. we urge for calmness and sober reflection by those that continue making the terrible blunders before we get to point of no return. There is still time though limited of self correction by those responsible for the mess we are currently in and being perpetuated.

By Order of the ZIFA Board.

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Kakistocracy 不Muchakaka 5months ago

Kamambo Pfeeeee kkkk kutora yese ndo hake muhomwe. Mungamudii不不不不

Gogodera 5months ago

Vana vedu vakatadza kutamba iye zvino vazukuru vedu vachatadza futi nekuda kwezifa遲

Shadows 5months ago

Guys let's organise a citizen arrest. Tinobata vese vanozviti tisu vezifa vacho Vavharirwe. Just days b4 afcon and someone is trying to cause confusion. Imbwa idzi dzakuenderera. Ngavabve ngavaende never to come back

Black Jack 5months ago

Hapana here vanogona ku fire ZIFA Board racho. Hatichavada. Imbavha dzevanhu plus havagone zvebhora racho. Kuisa nyika mugomba. Dhemeti

Bright 5months ago

Ko mapeza ari kunzi ndiye apiwa basa wani

Old skool 5months ago

Ndopanofira bhora ipapa tisati tatoenda afcon zvatodhakwa moti panechichabuda

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