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Dead Donkey Found At Mpopoma House

Dead Donkey Found At Mpopoma House

A dead donkey was found at the gate of a house in Block 81 in Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo on Sunday morning, leaving residents speculating about what may have led to the death of the animal.

A resident who only identified himself to Chronicle as Mbono said the donkey may have died to due mistreatment by firewood peddlers who move around the suburb selling firewood. He said:

I suspect this donkey was yoked on a scotch cart and suddenly died. Realising what had happened, those on the cart could have decided to dump it on the roadside, near the gate of this house.

Mbono drew the Chronicle news crew’s attention to what seemed like drag marks on the road near the place where the donkey was dumped.

Another resident who chose not to be identified for the report said the donkey might have died from being hit with a blunt object. Said the resident:

This donkey was killed by someone who had struck it with a blunt object and decided to dump it here.

However, some residents dismissed the cruelty theory and suggested that the death of the donkey might be a case of witchcraft gone wrong. Said a resident:

It’s mind-boggling to wake up to a dead donkey at the gate. Someone must have been practising witchcraft and things went south.

Meanwhile, police officers who arrived at the scene examined the donkey’s carcass and concluded that it looked healthy and had no signs of physical abuse.

The City of Bulawayo was notified about the development and residents were waiting for the local authority to remove the carcass.

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kkk 2 months ago

nhaimi asi donk harifi here or donk rinenzvimbo yarofanhirwa kufira komunhu akagofira mucomb wani

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago


Figo 2 months ago

Well I struggled to grasp the gravity of this situation... I mean donkeys die. What's the news here???🤔

Victoria Vanessa 2 months ago

Dhongi nderaBush lawyer

Dumo 2 months ago

Ichooo...I second that


pee 2 months ago

once heard that there is an abattoir fo donkey in bulawayo,it seems it died on transit

Jinx 2 months ago

Dhongi harichabvumidzwe kufa here?🤣

Bhuru 2 months ago

Spa mfanami Jinx I agree with had nothing to with witchcraft..I suspect e donkey when it was pulling cart,if you overwork e donkey starts breathing heavily...
A donkey used by witchcraft isn't a normal donkey and it can't die,is never to see it n be normal..

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Zvinoto shaimisa kuti zvi newone kuvanhu

😃 2 months ago

My sentiments too. Lol

inini 2 months ago

tkt u are donkey eaters

rova mbira 2 months ago

residences should just move it to a sport where they can cover it with soil.
Bengamelela u council uyabuya after 2 years!!!

f 2 months ago


Zvazvanga zvingori 2 months ago

It could have been stolen from the abbatoir since there is is now one and could have been meant for meat that is sold in dishes and buckets

gwanda lose 2 months ago

kkkkkk vakanyanya zvazvanga zvingori

h 2 months ago


2 months ago

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