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"Dark Forces Causing Currency Woes In Zimbabwe" - Minister Mutsvangwa

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister senator Monica Mutsvangwa Wednesday alleged that currency woes afflicting Zimbabweans were the work of “dark forces,” according to NewsDay Zimbabwe.

She made the remarks while addressing Harare Polytechnic journalism students whom she told that the government had made efforts in turning around the economy only to be sabotaged by the country’s enemies. She said:

As it is, the economic fundamentals are all right. Why then are there currency woes that batter the living standards of the poorest to survival in abject poverty? Clearly, there are dark forces at play.

Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA) sanctions are flailing and failing, syndicates of currency manipulators are angling to interfere.

ZDERA, passed in 2001, restricts United States multilateral financing to Zimbabwe until the southern African nation makes specified political and economic reforms.

Analysts, however, said Mutsvangwa’s utterances reflected the government’s unwillingness to address the fundamental economic challenges facing Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe Coalition of Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) programmes manager John Maketo told NewsDay Zimbabwe that authorities have failed if they claim ignorance when resource leakage channels are so apparent. 

His remarks were reiterated by Political analyst Kudakwashe Munemo who said Mutsvangwa’s utterances reflected that the government is not willing and or clueless about providing pragmatic solutions to the economic realities bedevilling the country.

Economist Victor Boroma told NewsDay that economic fundamentals have to be followed to ensure economic stability.

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muwonesi 1 month ago

Hanzi na Monica "Zimbabwe yakanokorwa tsoka ne zvikwambo zve Z.A.N.U."


Vapererwa, clueless.

mama Bee 1 month ago

nyararai aMonicaa dark force ndimi munoba imimi makaparadza nyika nechi zanu chenyu

Crocodile 1 month ago

Haiwawo dark forces dziripiko wo hapana kunyepa kwega bvumai kuti zvaramba full stop Inga Shiri inozongofa wani

really 1 month ago

mai Ava vanonyobhohwa so

Gafa 1 month ago

Dark force kkkkk meaning they hev failed hw can yu locate such forces if you are human.Arikuti Chimboti Pizza tazvikonewa even Blue is aware thats why he is on terracees now.Kwangosara vana Politician who cant evaluate statements.

Pepe Kale 1 month ago

My sister passed away recently. And this is a true story. Every time she saw that woman on TV she would say: Mai ava even kana ndikafa vanongo ndisemesa. She is tantalizingly unlikeable.

Aratiji Yesi 1 month ago



poorvho 1 month ago

Monica & Chris = marriage made by zanupf and for zanupf

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Dark forces are Zanu Pf members

🙄 1 month ago

Saka gadzi iri harisi kuziva kuti ZanuPf Bato reGule ndoSpecial Dark Forces yacho kkkkk

fun time 1 month ago

Dark forces?? We gave you the mandate and the control over all the resources financial and human only to spew such kind of reckless publicity? The sanctions mantra is admission of failure, we want leaders who can bust those so called sanctions. Do not tell us that you are being restricted by the Western powers. We voted for you to defeat and render the dark forces powerless. Do not even tell us that. Can you say that you are failing to score a penalty kick because the ball is too spherical??? How do you face yourself in the mirror? We want results not excuses, damn it!

mdara bondnote 1 month ago

Gogo Mutsvangwa musanyepera nyika imi.

Gigi 4 weeks ago

CCC, muchakura rinhi, you oppose till you oppose yourselves. ZANU PF is practical, imi magazvisungira pamubhedha

Majority Rule 4 weeks ago

Sisi Monica mention the dark forces by their respective names

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